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Get Ahead with Workday HCM Training Certification



Learn Workday by using EIB design patterns, starting the integration system, performing custom transformations, and delivering files from outside the company. Understand and work on the advanced insights and trends in the world of HCM.

Workday HCM Training Course: Study for certification ✔️ Get 40 hours of live two-way online session ✔️ Experienced Trainers ✔️ 100% Placement Support in 2100+ Top Companies. Join now

Key Features
  • Ranked Amongst Top 3
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  • 5-in-1 Course
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About This Course

Workday HCM Training

This Workday HCM course shows you how to use EIB design patterns, launch the integration system, carry out customized transformations, deliver files from outside the organization, fix integration issues, and change the template model to learn Workday.

5 in 1 Course

  • Training
  • Projects
  • Exam Assistance
  • Certification
  • Assignments

Industry Projects

Get hands-on experience in relevant industry projects with Workday HCM Training Course

Takeaways of Your Investment

  • Work on real-time Assignments and Projects related to HR Domain
  • Learn basic and advanced Fundamentals of the Workday HCM Training Course
  • Create, implement, and manage the online section of a Business Process
  • Gain mastery over EID
  • Develop skills in Compensation, Reporting 
  • Work efficiency in the HCM Department

Module 1: Introduction to HCM

Learners will get introduced to HCM, understand basic ideas, and enterprise objects like HCM, HR, HRMS, HRIM, and more

  • Google Trends report on HCM, HRMS
  • Importance of HCM and HRMC
  • Estimated customer base for HRMS software
  • Value of HCM
  • Quiz Module 1

Module 2: Overview of Workday

A learner will get to learn the concept of Workday in an organization. Understand downtime and version upgrades. Compare workday with SAP SuccessFactors, and Oracle HCM.

  • What is Workday and how is it different from others?
  • Is Workday entirely on the Cloud?
  • Downtime and version upgrades in Workday
  • Components of Workday like HCM, Studio, Finance, Payroll, Absence, etc.
  • Which workday component is used commonly by vendors?
  • Compare all the HCM vendors and their market report
  • Google Trends report on Workday
  • Compare Workday with SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM
  • Quiz Module 2

Module 3: Core Concepts & Basic Navigation

Understand the basic navigation and homepage options.

  • How to log in and Navigate Workday
  • Overview of Worklets in Workday
  • What is an Object in the Workday
  • Navigate the Homepage and all the options
  • What are Business Objects
  • Additional and advanced.
  • Quiz Module 3

Module 4: Organization in Workday

A learner will understand the compensation overview, get an in-depth knowledge of the components of compensation, remuneration, payment programs, and a lot more.

  • Types of Organization in Workday
  • What is a Supervisory Organization?
  • Locations in Workday
  • What is a reorganization and how to configured?
  • How to Create Supervisory Organizations and Subordinate Organizations
  • What are the Cost Centers and cost Center Hierarchy, and how to create them?
  • How to Create a Company in Workday
  • Moving workers between organizations
  • Quiz Module 4

Module 5: Staffing in Workday

Know different types of staffing models and differences between jobs and positions

  • What are Job Profiles and Job Families and How do create them?
  • Different Types of Staffing Models
  • What are Positions?
  • Job vs Positions
  • Quiz Module 5

Module 6: Compensation Configuration

A learner will learn about Compensation Grade, Package, and Rule

  • What are Compensation Grade, Package, and Rule?
  • What is the difference between them and how to configure them?
  • How to create a compensation package
  • What is a Grade and How to Create a Grade?
  • What is a Grade profile, and How to create a Grade Profile?
  • What are Compensation Eligibility Rules and how to create Compensation Eligibility Rules?
  • Quiz Module 6

Module 7: Security Configuration

Learn domain security policy, business process and its security policies, and more

  • Domain Security Policy
  • Business Process Security Policy
  • Security Groups
  • Role-Based Security Group
  • User-Based Security Group
  • Configuration of the Security
  • Quiz Module 7

Module 8: Business Process Configuration

Learn to configure business processes, hire and rescind processes, create an applicant, handle termination, and a lot more.

  • Configuring a Business Process
  • How to create an applicant
  • Hire & Rescind Process
  • Cancel a business process
  • How to handle Terminations
  • How to handle Promotions
  • Transfers overview and configuration
  • Quiz Module 8

Module 9: Reports

Learn report modules in depth. How to report, create a simple report, data sources, objects, and fields.

  • What is a report and why do we need them
  • How to create a simple report in Workday?
  • Advanced reports
  • How to create different calculated fields
  • Sharing reports between multiple users
  • Making reports as a web service and using them
  • Data Sources, Objects, and fields
  • Real-time scenarios on the report module
  • Quiz Module 9

Module 10: Calculated Fields

Understand calculated fields and basics.

  • Introduction to Calculated Fields
  • Calculated fields basics
  • Quiz Module 10

Module 11: EIB

Learn more about EIB Modules with practical use cases, inbound and outbound integrations, XSLT transformations, and more.

  • What is EIB and its practical use case
  • Simple EIB Inbound Integrations & Outbound Integrations
  • What are XSLT transformations and how to configure them
  • Project use case on EIB implementation
  • Quiz Module 11

Module 12: Connectors in Workday

Learn more about outbound integration, document transformation, and user creation

  • Core connector outbound integration on Worker data
  • Document transformation
  • System user creation
  • Quiz Module 12

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