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Get Ahead with SAP HANA Training Course Certification



Become a professional with skills in tackling data, and analytics using the multi-model database SAP HANA | Enroll in the SAP HANA Course and learn to execute reliable data-driven solutions for an organization | Use advanced Analytical tools for seamless transaction processing and data querying | Work on real-time projects in SAP HANA server and gain much-needed experience | Access the e-content through state-of-art LMS | Make way to a bright future as an SAP Professional by learning from dedicated trainers.

SAP HANA Course: Kodak Consulting offers basic to advanced SAP HANA courses with ✔️ Get 44 hours of live online training undergo projects ✔️ gain practical experience ✔️ 100% Job Support in 1000+ Top Companies. Avail now

Key Features
  • 5-in-1 Course
  • SAP HANA Exam Assistance
  • 100% Practical Training
  • Mobile App Access to E-Learning Portal
  • 24 X 7 Lifetime Support & Access
  • Attend Unlimited Sessions with Multiple Trainers
  • 100% Job Support

About This Course

SAP HANA Training Course

SAP HANA is the Latest Business Suite Software. It is a new addition in-memory Database, Column-oriented, Relational Database Management system developed and marketed by SE that Incorporates various components like SAP HANA DATABASE, SLT, SAP HANA Direct Connection, Sybase Replication, and Replication Server. SAP HANA has an unmatched speed and access to real-time data. With low space consumption SAP HANA allows faster Loading and eliminates duplicate Data SAP HANA empowers the Internet of Things (IoT) SAP HANA is used to analyze data in order to get insight SAP HANA is used in Cloud Computing solutions creating a network to connect Professionals

5 in 1 Course

  • Access Training
  • Projects
  • Exam Assistance
  • Certification
  • Assignments feature of the SAP HANA Course

SAP HANA Training at Kodak Consulting®

Kodak Consulting gives the best learning experience and outcomes through its veridically designed courses. The SAP HANA course is a skill-based course that helps learners validate their skills in working on the SAP HANA server. This in-memory Database allows the users to steadfastly operate the Analytical tools as well as transactions. During this course, the learners are walked through various topics like the SAP HANA Architecture, Tools, overview of Business Object Explorer, Installation Parameters, DBA Cockpit, and much more. Eventually, the learners are allowed to work on projects relevant to the IT industry and are enabled to innovate and build new applications with SAP HANA.

Live Projects

Experience hands-on training with industry projects during the SAP HANA Training Course

Who Can Enroll in this Course?

SAP HANA Training Course is designed in such a way that it benefits all professionals in the Finance Industry. SAP HANA is most demanded due to its result-oriented approach

There are no prerequisites for the SAP HANA Training Course however this course will be suitable for:

  • SAP BW Application Consultants
  • Business Analyst
  • Developers
  • Technical/ Functional Consultants
  • Finance Executives
  • Employees who are working in the Finance department
  • Professionals generally want to improve their skill set to make their Resume/CV stronger
  • Existing employees looking for a better role to prove to their employers the value of their skills through this certification
  • Graduates looking for a Successful Career
  • Finance Generalists
  • Employees switching to Finance Profession from any domain
  • Candidates who have a degree in the field of B.Tech, B.SC, B.Com, or hold a master's degree

Roles Offered

  • SAP HANA Consultant
  • SAP HANA Data Modeler
  • SAP HANA Architect
  • SAP HANA Engineer
  • SAP HANA Administrator
  • SAP HANA Project Manager
  • SAP HANA Business Analyst

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the SAP HANA Column-based Architecture that enables high-speed transactions and Fast queries.
  • Learn Advanced Analytics using Machine learning and Data virtualization.
  • Know in-depth applications of SAP HANA in IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and many other Industries.
  • Get hands-on exposure to endless innovative techniques in the SAP S/4 HANA cloud.
  • Get the necessary aid in registering, scheduling, and clearing the Certificate for the SAP Exam.
  • Validate your SAP HANA skills through the certification.
  • Use the e-learning portal to refine your skills use the Unlimited training with multiple trainers facility to grab extra knowledge.
  • Be the data-driven SAP professional with the most advanced knowledge of SAP HANA, and its applications.
  • Gather the necessary skills to be a specialist in Decision making, and business solutions using SAP HANA.

Recent Reviews

4.8 average rating based on 1365 rating

(1365 Review)
Comment Images
Rahul Kumar
The course curriculum was well designed. The Mentor was skillful and knowledgeable. This course helped me to learn all concepts with ease. I am highly satisfied with my choice.
Comment Images
Tista Sarkar
A large quantity of amazing materials. Classes are well structured and just perfect for the valuable information given. I found it very engaging and active.
Comment Images
Tom Andrews
Lectures are clear and good understand as well. Nice to seek data or learn through this platform. The instructions for installations were easy. Thank for the course Kodak. Way to go.
Comment Images
Zuan Kim
Evolution of HANA as a database, the architecture, concepts of tenants & spaces & HDI everything was well explained. I think one of the best online courses available. It is a must for SAP HANA aspirants
Comment Images
Alpana Mishra
Good Knowledge base, more detailed explanation of each architecture and troubleshooting. I highly recommend this course. Kodak even helped me get a better job. Thank you.
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  • Enrolled: 4152 students
  • Language: English
  • Certificate: Yes