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Get Ahead with HR UK Payroll Training Certification



HR UK Payroll course helps to acquire a broad knowledge of recruitment, selection, and appraisal of staff, and gain awareness of various cultures and ethics.

HR UK Payroll Training Course: Get 100% Placement Support in 2100+ Top Companies, 50 hours of live, two-way online instruction, experienced trainers, and study for certification. Sign up now

Key Features
  • Ranked Amongst Top 3
  • Exam Assistance
  • Attend Unlimited Sessions with Multiple Trainers
  • 5-in-1 Course
  • 100% Job Support

About This Course

HR UK Payroll Training

This course covers indispensable segments to run a successful business like employee motivation, how to manage change in an organization, payroll software, and many more.

5 in 1 Course

  • Training
  • Projects
  • Exam Assistance
  • Certification
  • Assignments

Industry Projects

Get hands-on experience in relevant industry projects with HR UK Payroll Training.

Takeaways of Your Investment

  • 50 hours of intensive two-way training
  • Develop a Solution Plan and impart guidance on HR UK Payroll best practices
  • Comprehend Human Resource Practices, Human Resource Planning, and many more in detail
  • Learn about Fundamentals of Payroll Systems & Management
  • Acquire knowledge about the different segments of Payroll Systems
  • Be versed in the maintenance of Employee records and Payroll Computer Software
  • Procure a broad range of information about the process of Statutory Pay
  • Get the exposure of dealing with HMRC about new employees
  • Explore the National Insurance Contributions and process of the Payment

Module 1: Human Resource Planning

It will make a candidate comprehend about Nature of Human Resource Management, The Employee Life Cycle, Human Resource Planning, and Human Resource Practices.

  • Nature of Human Resource Management
  • The Employee Life Cycle
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Human Resource Practices
  • Quiz Module 1

Module 2: Fundamentals of Payroll Systems & Management

 This module is a comprehensive study of Payroll management and its submodules. A few of the submodules are Defining Payroll Systems in the UK, Running an efficient payroll, Workforce’s starting and leaving the business, and Basics of Payroll systems.

  • Basics of Payroll Systems
  • Defining Payroll Systems in the UK
  • Running an Efficient Payroll
  • Workforce’s Starting and Leaving the Business
  • Deal With Hmrc about New Employees
  • Overview of the National Insurance Contributions System (Nic)
  • Quiz Module 2

Module 3: Process of Calculating Net and Gross Pay

Along with it, the candidate will study Net and Gross pay, understanding Net pay resulting from Voluntary and Statutory deductions, the process of statutory pay, and more.

  • Net and Gross Pay
  • Understanding Net Pay Resulting From Voluntary and Statutory Deductions
  • The Process of Statutory Pay
  • The National Minimum Wages For Different Types of Work
  • Quiz Module 3

Module 4: Paye System

It will strengthen and broaden the knowledge sphere of a candidate in the process of the Paye System, the Online Pay System for Employers, applying for the employment allowance, and a few more submodules.

  • Process of the Paye System
  • The Online Paye System For Employers
  • Applying for the Employment Allowance
  • Payments at Employment Termination
  • Explaining the Retirement Scheme
  • Work Effectively With the RTI Computerized Payroll System
  • Correcting Payroll Errors
  • Quiz Module 4

Module 5: Employee Records

The other learning submodules in employee records are annual reporting and other tasks connected with payroll, maintaining employee records, and legal obligations associated with Payroll Systems.

  • Maintain Employee Records
  • Annual Reporting and Other Tasks Connected With Payroll
  • A Summary of the Legal Obligations Associated With Payroll Systems
  • Quiz Module 5

Module 6: Employee Pay

In this module, learn topics such as statutory pay, its benefits, tips & more

  • Statutory Pay
  • Expenses and Benefits
  • Tips and other pay
  • Quiz Module 6

Module 7: Deductions

In this module, learn about pensions, loan repayments, payroll, etc

  • Student and Postgraduate loan repayments
  • Pensions
  • Payroll Giving
  • Child maintenance
  • Quiz Module 7

Module 8: Payslip

Understand the concepts & roles of payslips, what are the rights related to payslip, etc

  • What to include
  • Increase in National Insurance contributions from 2022
  • Producing payslips
  • Rights relating to payslip
  • Quiz Module 8

Module 9: Reporting to HMRC: FPS

It will help you to understand topics like early and late reporting, FPS sending, correcting, etc

  • When to send your FPS
  • Early reporting
  • Late reporting
  • Completing and sending an FPS
  • After you’ve sent your FPS
  • Reporting extra information
  • Correction of Mistakes in the FPS
  • Quiz Module 9

Module 10: Reporting to HMRC: EPS

Learn about EPS deadlines, how to send EPS, how to avoid mistakes in EPS, etc

  • EPS deadlines
  • Sending an EPS
  • After you’ve sent your EPS
  • If you made a mistake in your EPS
  • If you do not pay any employees in a tax month
  • If you do not pay anyone for a longer period
  • Quiz Module 10

Module 11: Paying HMRC

Learn about interest, penalties, how to view what you owe, etc

  • Viewing what you owe
  • How to pay
  • Interest and penalties
  • Quiz Module 11

Module 12: Sending an FPS after Payday

Learn about sending, reporting & viewing FPS

  • Sending an FPS after payday
  • When you can send a late FPS report
  • Viewing late FPS reports in your HMRC online account
  •  Quiz Module 12

Module 13: Reporting Employee Changes

Learn topics such as reporting extra information on full payment submission, leave of absence taken by employee, etc


  • Reporting extra information on a Full Payment Submission
  • Informing HMRC (if an employee becomes director, dies, works abroad, jury service, turns 16, changes gender, called up as a reservist)
  • An employee takes a leave of absence
  • Quiz Module 13

Module 14: Changing Paydays

Learn about the annual payroll scheme for PAYE, know the usage of basic PAYE tools, & more

  • Moving your payday
  • Changing how often you pay your employees
  • Using Basic PAYE Tools
  • Paying your employees more often
  • Paying your employees less often
  • Annual payroll scheme for PAYE
  • Changing when you pay your employees
  • Quiz Module 14

Module 15: Rates and thresholds for employers

Learn about PAYE tax, tax thresholds, national insurance rates, national minimum wage, & more


  • PAYE tax and Class 1 National Insurance contributions
  • Tax thresholds, rates and codes
  • Class 1 National Insurance thresholds
  • Class 1 National Insurance rates
  • Class 1A National Insurance: expenses and benefits
  • Class 1A National Insurance: termination awards and sporting testimonial payments
  • Class 1B National Insurance: PAYE Settlement Agreements (PSAs)
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Statutory Maternity, Paternity, Adoption, Shared Parental and Parental Bereavement Pay
  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
  • Student loan and postgraduate loan recovery
  • Company cars: advisory fuel rates
  • Employee vehicles: mileage allowance payments
  • Employment Allowance
  • Apprenticeship Levy
  • Quiz Module 15

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