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  • SAP S/4 HANA Implementation, Migration
  • SAP UX Fiori Design Services
  • Business Analytics Services
  • SAP Application Testing Services
  • SAP Business by Design Services

Business Analytics

Deliver cutting-edge analytics that collaborate and give all users more power.

With the help of our advanced analytics solutions, hasten the transformation of your company into an intelligent one. Use embedded machine learning (ML) to quickly and accurately acquire insights across your organization, and then put those findings into practice by introducing new procedures and applications.

SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Cloud Deployment
  • Centralized, Enriched Business Semantics
  • Intelligent, Practical, Contextual Insights
  • Agile Integrated Planning
  • Enhanced & Advanced Collaboration
  • NLP

Predictive Analysis

  • Modeling with predictive data
  • Model management of predictive data
  • Integration of predictive models and outcomes in SAP S/4HANA apps
  • Scoring
  • Link Analysis & Predictive Networking

Business Intelligence

  • Platform for business intelligence
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Applications for data visualization and analytics
  • Integration of offices
  • Dashboards for Management
  • Mobile Analytics

Machine Learning

  • Conservational Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent Applications that are ready-to-use
  • Intelligent Machine Learning Program
  • Ability to teach algorithm with your data
  • Using Google TensorFlow models in Integration

Planning & Analysis

  • Reporting on performance
  • Planning a business collaboration
  • Modeling and optimization of profitability

Management of Sales & Distribution

  • Monthly Sales Vs Budget Summary
  • On Time Delivery (OTD) Summary
  • On Time Delivery & Loss Revenue
  • Sales analysis (Trending Analysis)
  • Forecast vs Sales vs Production
  • Top / Bottom analysis
  • Loss Sales Analysis
  • Domestic & Export sales Overview
  • Domestic Sales return analysis
  • Domestic & Export Invoice Register
  • Monthly order and Sales Values
  • Quotation success rate
  • Top 10 Products based on orders
  • Sales Conversion
  • Sales vs Return Analysis
  • Market Return Summary
Utilize our cutting-edge UI decision making dashboards and analytical reporting to meet your unique analytics demands.

The dashboards and key performance indicator (KPI) driven analytical reporting developed in various business functions across sectors are displayed below.

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