SAP Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

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SAP leads the way in software solutions in almost all industries. The ability to harness the ability of software needs a thorough knowledge of SAP solutions. More than 75% of world transaction of any sort passes through the SAP system software. This fact is solely enough to talk about the importance of SAP, thus, bringing us to understand the SAP course in detail. One who has the right approach and knowledge of SAP is considered to be eligible for a high-paid job and career growth. The number of people taking up the course is massive still there is a gap between the requirement of SAP professionals and their availability. Therefore, doing an SAP course is relevant and is definitely a good decision.

What Do You Understand by SAP?

SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products. The practical use of SAP was first seen when data related to accounts and payroll was stored in an electrical device with specific programs to use the database logically and practically. ERP software is one of the most critical aspects of SAP software. 

An Overview

To understand why the SAP Course is so important and popular, one needs to know about the areas where it works and the other aspects attached to SAP. Almost 80% of medium and small-sized organizations have joined the list of SAP services alongside large organizations.

So, you would see SAP clients in the list of sustainable companies, valued brands, and global companies with high stakes. These companies are from industries like medicine, food, transaction-related, and many more. When it comes to SAP modules, everything is integrated for providing the best business solutions. These modules are broadly divided into Technical and Functional SAP modules.

The functional modules of SAP ERP include SAP HRM, SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP FSCM, SAP SD, SAP PS, SAP FICO, SAP QM, and SAP PM. The technical modules of SAP ERP include SAP Basis, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Security, SAP ABAP, SAP HANA, SAP IS, SAP XI, SAP CRM, and SAP Solution Manager.

Explaining ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is implemented by businesses to reduce labor costs, standardize the internal process, IT expenditures, etc. Apart from SAP, there are other types of ERP also. Like  Baan, Siebel,  Microsoft Dynamics, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards. The ERP system helps an organization by maintaining the data, making it easily accessible, and sharable. Also, ERP helps in eliminating duplication, leading to an increase in productivity, and reducing material costs. The reporting and planning of each department are taken care of by the ERP system. On top of it, ERP also keeps the data safe. From customer service, sales team, and marketing team these data are kept safe and secure by the ERP.


To do an SAP certification course, one needs to be a graduate in B Com, B. Sc, MCA, or engineering pass out. There is no age limit though but one needs to be at least an undergraduate or a postgraduate.


A Basic SAP Training Course Online would train you in ERP, understanding the SAP components, layers of SAP application, pre-requisites, SAP installation, post-installation services, client administration, general administration, database administration, TMS, support packs, and overall SAP architecture. Apart from this, the SAP course syllabus is majorly divided into the following sections and is applicable in most of the course modules.


This section of learning includes understanding ratios, proportions, compound interest, simple interest, quadratic equations, probability, simplification, partnership, boats, and streams.


The technical part includes C++, Javascript, HTML, CSS, DBMS, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Data Structures, C, and C++.


Under this category, one would learn C, C++, Algorithms, Java, and Data Structures.


The verbal section includes articles, homophones, adjectives, basic grammar, tag questions, sentence transformation, sentience arrangement, idioms and phrases, error correction, spotting substitution, etc


SAP courses are a minimum of 8 weeks which can extend to 30 weeks depending on the module one chooses to learn.


SAP certification fees range from INR 40,000 to INR 3 lacs approximately. The range is such because each course caters to a different SAP module and somewhere credibility of an institute has also to do with it.


SAP course offers jobs opportunities as SAP consultant, SAP FICO consultant, SAP ABAP Consultant, SAP SD Consultant, SAP project manager, SAP HANA expert, SAP basis administrator, sales manager, SAP trainer, SAP basis consultant, SAP specialist, Implementation consultant, system engineer, Pre-sales consultant, Process analyst.


SAP Course Certification individuals can work efficiently in IT, logistics, finance, and marketing companies. The scope is huge and so is the responsibility. If in HR, an SAP specialist looks after contacts, salary, payroll, promotions, hiring, recruitment, and related. Similarly, a customer relationship manager would take care of customers’ experiences, taking care of customer value, long-term partnerships, etc. Likewise, as a business analyst and expert, an SAP consultant would handle data storage, data extraction, data analysis, grinding, and understanding graph, map, and tools.

Advantages of SAP Course

Any skill learning is a benefit and adds value to your resume. While the major advantages are similar, doing SAP brings much more value to your career growth. 

Both government and private firms equally value SAP experts which keeps the job opportunity flowing in different sectors and positions. With a piece of significant knowledge and expertise, you build a good reputation, a decent profile, with a career that stays for a long and is diverse.


To conclude, I would say that with a combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and training one can get a rewarding career to work upon. SAP experts work in a varied atmosphere earning goods and having a reputation in the industry. Your understanding can take your earnings to a higher level. All you need is to know SAP better before you begin and after you complete the course.


Q1. Are there any levels of SAP consultants?

Ans: Yes, there are. They can be an associate, a professional consultant, or an expert depending on their work experience.

Q2. Why should I choose the SAP course after my graduation?

Ans: You should choose SAP because you get a good start in your career and the salary and exposure you get in terms of work are equivalent to the IT field. This also brings you to a higher position than your peers and gives more life to your career cycle.

Q3. What are the salary brackets one can expect in India as an SAP consultant?

Ans: The bracket is huge. It ranges from 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs depending upon experience and skill.

Q4: What are the deciding factors taught in the SAP course?

Ans: These are SAP implementation, the kind of SAP work required to be done, Its impact on the business, and the value it adds to the industry as a whole.

Q5. Why SAP courses are in demand?

Ans: Because they teach you about the two very important systems are- decentralized and centralized ERP systems. These systems teach you to manage the data locally, at different departmental levels as well as control the overhead business processes centrally. By learning these two systems as a part of the SAP course you get equipped to improve enterprising management planning, thus, enhancing customer service.

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