Top 35 SAP Analytics Cloud Interview Questions and Answers

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If you’re considering a career in SAP analytics cloud, you should definitely consider it because there will be a lot of demand for SAP-based positions in the next few years. There are typically three rounds of interviews: the HR round, the technical round, and the final round. Being confident will undoubtedly put you miles ahead of those vying for the same job and the finest way to convey confidence is with a smile. It not only makes a good impression on the interviewer, but it can also make you feel content and upbeat throughout the interview.

For your reference, I’ve included the Top 35 SAP Analytics Cloud Training Interview Questions and Answers below.

HR Round

Q1. Tell me something about yourself?

Ans. The most typical interview question is one that gives you the chance to market yourself and demonstrate why you are qualified for the position being offered. You can begin by answering this question with your name, where you are from, your skill set, and any work experience you may have before providing them a conclusion and thanking them for the opportunity.

Q2. In what position would you like to be in five years?

Ans. This question reveals your level of commitment to the position and whether you have any organizational long-term intentions or not.

Q3. What led you to pick this career or why are you looking for work in this area?

Ans. To provide a credible argument, you can mention elements like growth possibilities, employment stability, scope, etc. I have always found a certain satisfaction in writing and knew I wanted to pursue a career in content, so that could be a response to this HR interview question.

Q4. If you have expertise, they will inquire about the responsibilities you held in your former employer.

Ans. Talk to the interviewer about your job, your accomplishments, and any challenging situations you’ve managed in it.

Q5. How many coding languages are you familiar with?

Ans. Javascript knowledge is a requirement for SAP Analytics Cloud, while you are also free to use other languages that you are proficient in.

Q6. How well-versed are you in SAP ERP?

Ans. The enterprise resource planning programme SAP ERP was created by SAP SE. ERP software was developed to integrate the vital parts of an organization’s core business operations. It is modular in design..

Technical Questions

There will be more in-depth questions about the SAP analytics cloud principles you are familiar with in this round. I’ve addressed most of the queries, albeit alternative queries can be made for the same query. Before answering the questions, give it some thought..

Q7. For what purposes is SAP Analytics Cloud used?

Ans. SAP Analytics Cloud combines planning and analytics into a single cloud-based solution. You can simulate any scenario for improved business results, go from insight to action in an instant, and develop plans from projections automatically to support rapid decision-making.

Q8. What is the model for SAP Analytics Cloud?

Ans. As a platform for business data analysis in SAP Business Suite, SAP Analytics Cloud offers comprehensive and adaptable data modeling capabilities based on the idea of “model,” assisting businesses in quickly completing data analysis and gaining insights.

Q9. What types of data models does SAP Analytics Cloud support?

Ans. Customer experience, CRM, financial management, and enterprise resource planning. Small and midsize businesses, supply chain management, spend management, and business IT platforms.

Q10. With what systems is SAP Analytics Cloud compatible?

Ans. A number of on-premises and cloud data sources, including SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP BusinessObjects solutions, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, SQL, OData, Google BigQuery, and many others, can be connected to using SAP Analytics Cloud.

Q11. How will I know if my data is secure within SAP while it is stored on the SAP Analytics cloud?

Ans. Business planning is only one of the essential elements; the others include BI (for reporting, Dashboarding, data-discovery and visualization), predictive analytics, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

Q12. What function does SAP Analytics Cloud serve?

Ans. An integrated business intelligence and enterprise planning solution, SAP Analytics Cloud leverages the strength of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. It enables everyone in your organization to act confidently and make better decisions.

Q13. How may data from SAP Analytics Cloud be accessed using the two accessible methods?

The SAP Analytics Cloud may connect to a variety of on-premises and cloud-based data sources. Live and Acquire (Import) data connections are the two most popular techniques.

Q14. To what platforms may SAP Analytics Cloud connect?

Ans. The following are the answers: SAP BW (live), SAP HANA, SAP HANA in SAP Cloud Platform Neo, SAP BW (live), CORS with ICM Script. OAuth is used to integrate SAP HANA with S/4HANA, SSO, and SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition in SAP Cloud Platform.

Q15. What kinds of modules are available in SAP Analytics Cloud?

Ans. Business Intelligence (BI), Planning, and Boardroom are the three broad categories into which the software solutions can be separated. Business intelligence is broken down into two categories: application designer.

Q16. What are the defining characteristics of SAC Analytics Cloud security?

Ans. The following are the answers: users and roles, teams, teams as aggregators, rights assignment, mapping IdP user attributes to teams, and assigning rights to folders based on teams. Use IdP to set up project folders, public folders, and single-sign-on (SSO) for data sources.

Q17. What main purposes does SAP Analytics Cloud’s business analytics serve?

Ans. One of the first business intelligence systems to address all three key facets of a business—planning, data visualization, and predictive analytics—was SAP Analytics Cloud.

Q18. Which of the following items can feed SAP Analytics Cloud with data?

Ans. Numerous on-premises and cloud data sources, such as SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP Hr Course , SAP Business Objects solutions, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, SQL, OData, Google BigQuery, and many others, are connectable to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Q19. Which SAP software strategy is represented by SAP Analytics Cloud?

Ans. SAP Analytics Cloud serves as its own BI platform while directly utilizing the SAP HANA platform. As a result, SAP now has a complete BI solution on a single technological foundation. modeling, planning, planning analysis, predictive analytics, teamwork, etc.

Which standard narrative design templates is SAP Analytics Cloud providing?

Ans. Templates for business content

Q21. What function does a cloud connector serve?

Ans. The Cloud Connector enables secure propagation of cloud user identities to on-premise systems. The Cloud Connector has a low TCO and is designed to match your cloud scenarios thanks to its simple installation and configuration. SAP offers the Cloud Connector standard support.

Q22. Can the SAP S/4HANA cloud be accessed using the cloud connector? 

Ans. In order to securely connect with an on-premise/private cloud SAP HANA database, SAP S/4HANA, or a SAP BW/4HANA system, SAP Analytics Cloud can use Cloud Connector. Additionally, it can connect to a single OData API made available by an internal system.

Q23. Is the cloud connector’s connection with the SAP cloud platform encrypted?

Ans. The communication/connection to the SAP Cloud is started via the Cloud Connector deployed in your on-premise/private cloud landscape in order to establish a secure communication tunnel.

Q24. What level of encryption exists between the cloud connector and the SAP Cloud Platform?

Ans. The SAP Cloud Platform and the SAP Cloud Connector connection both employ Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

Q25. How Much Bandwidth Is Used By The Cloud Connector?

Ans. The bandwidth between the two data centers can be between 10 and 100 Mbit with a 1% average utilization, however during peak hours, traffic congestion impacts all resources.

Q26. Is It Possible To Make A Backup Of The Entire Installation?

Ans. Yes, you can make a full backup by creating an archive file from the installation location. Take note of the following before restoring from a backup:

The UI certificate will be lost if you restore the backup on a different host.

You should carry out a “regular” installation first, then change the files before restoring the backup. The Cloud Connector is now registered with your operating system’s package manager.

Q27. Can I check the service channel’s communication?

Ans. No, the audit log only keeps track of access to on-premise systems from the SAP Cloud Platform.. 

Q28. How Do You Set Java Address And Directory Correctly?

Ans. The bin folder inside your JRE’s installation directory must be present in PATH for the portable versions, and JAVA_HOME must point to that directory.

JVMs are automatically found in both of these areas by the installer versions, in addition to other sites.

Q29. When we attempt to view The Cloud Connector Ui, Internet Explorer displays a blank page, Firefox displays some cryptic signs, and Google Chrome opens a save as dialogue. How can this be fixed?

Ans. This occurs if you attempt to visit the Cloud Connector via HTTP rather than HTTPS. The most used protocol for browsers is HTTP.

Q30. If A Connection Fails While A Request Is Being Processed, What Happens To A Response?

Ans. When there are network problems, the Cloud Connector just offers tunneling; it does not store and send data.

Q31. Where Do I Put The Cloud Connector in?

Ans. We advise setting up the Cloud Connector on a dedicated workstation for productive instances. This has to do with security.

Q32. How Many Servers Am I Required To Use To Deploy The Cloud Connector? 32.

Ans. Use at least three servers for the following tasks, which we advise you to do:  Development, Planned Production,  Shadow Production

Final Round

Q33. What salary aspirations do you have?

Ans. Provide the company with a range in which you’d like your compensation to fall rather than a specific number that represents the salary you expect. Instead of having a very wide range, try to keep it tight.

Q34. Could you elaborate on a conflict you had in your prior position?

Ans. Give a concrete example, preferably one that the interviewer can relate to. not only the issue, but how you addressed it and came up with a solution.

Q35. Have you ever been in a position in your profession when you were under a lot of stress and pressure? and if so, how did you handle it?

Ans. There are several methods for managing stress, including mindfulness or meditation, eliminating interruptions or distractions, setting priorities and balancing your workload, and using stress as a motivator.


By holding group discussions or debates to determine the best candidates, organizations may occasionally justify using 4 to 7 rounds to get a final conclusion. There will often be two rounds of interviews for mid-level and experienced roles. I believe that you will find this post about Top 35 SAP Analytics Cloud Interview Questions and Answers useful. It truly is among the top options for a job. 

Aspirants will gain thorough knowledge of the four SAC pillars—Analytics Design, Planning, Predictive Analysis, SAP HR payroll Course and Business Intelligence—from the SAP analytics cloud. Data Integration, Data Modeling, Digital Boardroom, Analytics Hub, and Analytics Catalogue are just a few of the major training subjects that are covered.

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