Top 10 SAP FICO courses in India

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Today most companies do not believe in the traditional methods of accounting. New technologies are in demand as it helps in better management of business processes. This is a new call for the worker to change their working style and adapt to the new developments. Hence, candidates need to go for additional certifications to boost their skill set. For this reason, the demand for SAP FICO courses is rising as SAP courses are business courses that help the candidates to meet the demands of the companies.  


SAP is an ERF (Enterprise Resource Planning). It is software that helps to manage applications globally. Since businesses have a global reach, every company must have better systems and business competencies that are readily available at their fingertips. This is the reason why SAP Fico Training is crucial for the candidate. Such professional training allows candidates to keep track of business reports. 

SAP FICO has different modules that help companies facilitate data processing. The data across the departments are easily accessible which helps companies to get insight into complex operations. 

SAP FICO And Business 

SAP FICO maps and designs every business process. As a result, the candidates collect data from the different departments which help to study and forecast the business market and prepare for various eventualities. 

SAP FICO Course in India 

SAP FICO jobs are always in demand in India. Companies are in continuous search of SAP FICO consultants. As a result, SAP FICO courses are continuously seen to be preferred by Business Analysts. A candidate with SAP FICO professional certificate is likely to receive better job opportunities. Also, the SAP FICO certification duration is as short as 2 months to 80 hours. Hence, candidates can easily apply for the course along with studies or jobs. 

SAP FICO prime requirements

1) Candidates must know about SAP FI and CO modules, General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Cost and Profit Center Accounting (CPA), and other essential modules. 

2) Candidates must have a complete certification for all SAP levels to join any company. 

Let’s now talk about some demanding SAP FICO Courses in India-

1) Kodakco

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Kodakco is a software company that specializes in SAP software solutions & enterprise application services. Kodakco is the best academy for Courses and Training that leading educational platform that includes all SAP Course

The headquarter offices of Kodakco  are in Hyderabad and San Francisco. 

The courses include-

a) SAP Business Suite S/4HANA

b) SAP Cloud Platform

c) Successfactors

d) C/4HANA with Hybris C4C 

e) BW/4HANA Cloud Analytics

f) SAP Multi-Channel Foundation 

Kodakco also provides S/HANA implementations, Support Conversion & Cloud Based Services. The ‘Customer-first’ approach allows planning, constructing, implementing, maintaining, and running SAP solutions to shape solutions to fit their unique needs. 

Key Expertise 

Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing

. Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

. Pharma and Chemical Industries

. Agro Food Products Processing Industries 

.Utilities Industry

. Infrastructure and Project-based Industries 

Also Check this video:-

2. Henry Harvin 

henry-harvin logo

Henry Harvin is a leading educational platform that is rising to a height because of its incredible courses. Tons of reviews are now seen on the platform that supports and encourages this educational hub to broaden its horizon and it is doing so. 

Henry Harvin offers 44 Hours of live instructor-led interactive sessions that include SAP Exam Assistance & 200+ MCQs & 18+ Course-End Quizzes. The course also has 5+ industry-related projects and 30+ assignments. 

Course Highlights 

1. Offers no cost repeated Unlimited SAP Course Training

2. Trainers have 10+ years of expertise in the field. 

3. Trains students to crack jobs 

4. 10,000+ SAP job vacancies are open for both experienced and freshers in India, Us, Middle East 

5. Learn Industry-friendly applications

6. Free access to Tools and Technologies, video content, assessment, and more. 

7. Access hands-on live projects. 

3. Udemy 

Udemy logo

Udemy is another demanding platform that has SAP FICO courses online. The institute offers courses that help the candidate understand business processes to accelerate financial activities. The course also deals with a basic understanding of Accounting and Finance Business Processes. 

Furthermore, Udemy also educates students with end-to-end implications for configuring SAP FI and CO modules in any firm and keeps focusing on documentation and methodology used in SAP FICO projects.

Candidates also get lifetime access to tools and technologies, course materials, and assessments. 

4. Tech Vidhya 

Tech Vidhya  logo

TechVidhya located in Noida is now standing tall with 5 years of experience. It provides high-quality education to professionals in the industry. TechVidhya primarily focuses on imparting practical projects with appropriate examples. These courses assist the learners in easily understanding the SAP architecture.  

Both beginners and advanced-level learners can apply for the course. 

5. WE Excel Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

WE Excel Softwares Pvt. Ltd. logo

WE Excel provides transformational solutions to clients by effortlessly integrating real businesses. They believe in deterring conventional models in the industry to generate coherent and convergent technologies that increase business value and sustainably transform processes. This helps to reduce the gap between organizations and customers by dropping operational costs. 

WE Excel offers many projects to work together with IT services and administration tools. WE Excel is based in Chandigarh. 

6. Sapware Technologies 

Sapware Technologies  logo

Sapware Technologies is based in Bangalore that promotes software technologies with the purpose of offering leading training solutions best available in the market. 

The training team consists of a group of skilled educators who provide insight and attach important value to the regular delivery of the training process.

The institution has worked with startups and MNCs. Hence, its purpose is to bring talents together that can qualify, quantify and enhance output. 

7. Willsys Technologies 

Willsys Technologies logo

Founded in the year 2002, Willsys Technologies is backed by a group of highly skilled software professionals who provide high-quality educational services to build a successful career in the IT and Management profession. 

This course is open for both beginners and IT professionals. The courses are designed in a way that meets individual needs and hence makes the candidates industry-friendly. 

Course Highlights 

1. The course not only focuses on candidates finding the right job but also helps employers in choosing the right candidate. This shows that the institution is industry oriented and provides practical training to the candidates. 

2. Learn to build a resume, seek career counseling, and handle interview sessions for the profit of the students. 

3. Furthermore, the institution equips best practices to deliver cost-friendly solutions to businesses like competency expansion, management consulting, application support and maintenance, and project accomplishment. 

8. GangBoard 

GangBoard logo

GandBoard provides a 30 Hours course that has 15 hours of assignment time. This institution is also another top SAP FICO course provider in the educational market. Also, GangBoard’s online educational service is the key to its success. 

9. Multisoft Virtual Academy 

Multisoft Virtual Academy logo

The Multisoft Virtual Academy offers an SAP FICO course online that educates students to learn the SAP ERF application and help specified organizations to conduct financial accounting and perform transactions better than before. Candidates learn to execute balanced and consistent financial statements for an organization or even for singular units like continent-based departments, profit centers, regional offices, and others. 

Candidates practicing this course learn Accounts Receivables (AR), Accounts Payables (AP), and different financial concepts. 

The course also deals with topics like interest calculations, terms of payment, and carry-over balances. Learners learn skills to acquire and allocate costs to analyze computer profits gained from various market and customer groups. 

10. Ravh- IT Solutions 

Ravh- IT Solutions  logo

Ravh- IT Solutions provides core knowledge and skills in SAP Financial Accounting that attaches value to the profile and helps to get attention from a leading organization with expert career assistance. Furthermore, the candidates get free access to 15+ tools in demand and work along with highly experienced certified industry experts. 

Similar other institutions that offer SAP FICO Courses are as follows. You can follow the official website for each to get the course details. 

11. Guru99

12. ERProof’


14. ACTE

15. iClass Training 

Each of the websites of these courses will provide you with the course details. 

Who can apply for SAP FICO? 

The best criterion of SAP FICO is that it is open to anyone interested as a beginner or a working professional. The following list will guide you into some important pointers that are essential to remember-

1) This course is most suitable for anyone working in the Finance Department. 

2) This course has proved to be the best for graduates seeking a successful career.

3) Finance Generalists can apply for the course.

4) Candidates aspiring to switch to the Finance profession from any domain can apply for the course.

5) The candidates must have a minimum qualification of graduation. 


The general workforce in this area is limited, so there is an increase in the demand for SAP Consultants. Moreover, with education going online, candidates can easily apply for the Online SAP Training in comfort of their homes. Make no delay and apply for the course asap.


Q1. Is SAP FICO a demanding course? 

Ans. Yes, SAP FICO is a demanding course for candidates in Finance and Business. 

Q2. Is it good to apply for the SAP FICO course online? 

Ans. Online certification of SAP FICO is highly recommended. 

Q3. Can beginners apply for the course? 

Ans. Yes, beginners can apply for the course. Courses are uniquely designed to make them beginner-friendly. 

Q4. Is an SAP FICO course budget-friendly? 

Ans. Yes, an SAP FICO course is surely budget-friendly. There are plenty of courses available that can meet your needs. 

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