Top 8 SAP BASIS courses in India

In India or outside India also, Many organizations depend on SAP for their company’s software needs, which means that there is a significant demand for SAP Basis professionals who can manage and maintain the system. This has increased the demand for SAP Basis professionals in India and ultimately for SAP basis courses. We have listed the Top 8 SAP basis courses In India which you can consider while finalizing the institute for the SAP basis training. 

SAP Basis is a vital part of the SAP system. It handles the necessary functions, for instance, monitoring, Maintenance uptime along with evaluation of the upgrades, planning, system administration and many more. There is a significant demand for SAP Basis professionals because the role is critical for successfully implementing and operating the SAP system. Aspirants for SAP Basis administration jobs should have professional knowledge before applying. They can consider the following institutes for doing SAP Basis training in India. 


Top 8 SAP BASIS courses 

1. Kodakco 

(Rating 4.9/5)

Kodakco is the No.1 institute in India for SAP training. Their corporate offices are in Hyderabad, and San Francisco and they are into SAP /HANA training for more than 12 years. In these 12 years, they have built the strength of more than 191 employees who are delivering more than 40 courses as a team. Kodakco has a presence in more than 4 countries. This company deals in different areas of customized services like Automotive and Auto Components manufacturing, Argo Food Products Processing Industries, Pharma and Chemical Industries, and Infrastructure and Project-based industries. If you are looking for the best SAP Basis Course in the market then kodakco is the institute you should go with. 

Key Features of the SAP BASIS course

  • Duration- 44 hours
  • Mode of classes- two-way interactive online classes
  • Course Fee-29,500
  • Get the benefits of this 5-in-1 course. 
  • The course is based o 100% training. 
  • Get Mobile access to the e-learning portal. 
  • This course gives  24*7 access and support for a lifetime. 
  • There would be regular Hackathons and masterclasses.
  • Get the best certificate in the SAP BASIS training course.

Syllabus covered

  • Get an introduction to SAP ERP and SAP Basis 
  • Know about client administration
  • Learn graphical user interface. 
  • Learn client /Server Architecture
  • Get introduced to the Solution manager.
  • Understand hardware sizing.
  • In-depth learning on post installations steps. 
  • Know about transport management systems. 
  • And also understand client strategy change requests.

There are many other SAP courses offered by kodakco. For instance 

  1. SAP HR Training Course 
  2. SAP ABAP training course 
  3. SAP CRM training course 


2. Henry Harvin

 (Rating 4.9/5)

The second-best institute for SAP BASIS courses in India is Henry Harvin. They are into the field of training and consulting since 2013. Today they do offer a variety of techniques covering 27+ categories. They have more than 201+ corporate partners and 130+ college partners. Some of their popular courses are Digital marketing, Data Science, Six Sigma, TEFL, Medical coding, etc. The SAP Basis course at Henry Harvin is industry-oriented and is affiliated with N.S.D.C, ISO, MSME and UKcert. Doing this course will make you a professional and experienced candidate for the interview. 

Key Features of the SAP BASIS course

  • Duration -44 hours of training
  • Mode of Classes- Online interactive classes
  • Course Fee- ₹ 34,500
  • Learn by working on projects in the field of the graphic user interface, and client administration.
  • Gain practical experience by doing an internship. 
  • Trainers have 15+ years of experience and have been recognised by other organisations also
  • Get experience in industry projects while working on training. 

Syllabus Covered

  • Get Introduced to SAP ERP Training and SAP BASIS
  • Know about Client Administration
  • Learn to use Graphical User Interface
  • Understand Client/Server Architecture
  • Get the Introduction of  Solution Manager
  • Know about Hardware Sizing and Post Installation Steps
  • Understand TMS – Transport Management System
  • And  Client Strategy Change Requests SCC1 also


3. Koenig India

(Rating 4.8/5)

Koenig India is one of the leading IT training organisations across the globe for more than 29 years.  They have offices in many countries including India also. Every month they train more than 30,000 students. Koenig institute has more than 35 authorisations and is considered one of the best places to work for trainers. They do have more than 300 in-house trainers along with in-house labs so that students can gain practical hands in their field. They offer SAP basis certification training, which can be done as a group or 1 on 1 Public training. 

Key Features of the SAP BASIS course

  • Duration – 200 hours with the option of 4 hours or 8 hours – weekdays and weekends classes. 
  • Course Fee- ₹ 562,500 
  • Mode of Classes- Live Online 
  • Get to know about the functionality and architecture of R/3.
  • You will learn central system interfaces, work process architecture, services, and processes.
  • Understand installation and post-installation activities
  • Learn how to configure memory, CPU, and buffer process by working on profile management
  • Its a combined course with technical Implementation on Operation l, TADM10, Operation ll, TADM12 and with SAP HANA2.0 SPSO4 Installation and Administration, TADM55


4. Aspire Tech soft

(Rating 4.8/5)


Founded in 2011, ISO-certified IT training company Aspire is one of the best options for doing SAP BASIS  courses in India.  They have a speciality in delivering courses in the field of  ERP, SAP, JAVA, Data Warehousing, Hadoop etc. They do offer on-the-job training with stipends once the course is finished. Aspire offers SAP BASIS online training in Pune. After doing this training candidate becomes eligible for opportunities worldwide. 

Key Features of the SAP BASIS course

  • Duration – Available on request
  • Mode of classes- classroom ( weekdays and weekend classes)
  • The curriculum contains training, projects, internships, certification support along with placements. 
  • Access the portal anytime and from anywhere
  • The trainer is an SAP consultant having 12+ years of experience.
  • Get assistance in resume building also. 
  • Learn different tools and programmes used to perform as an interface between the operating systems and databases. 


  • Introduction to SAP/R3
  • Learn how to manage clients, users, authorizations and profiles. 
  • Know about background jobs management, Data administration, and the system of SAP Printing. 
  • Get knowledge of Data dictionary, general administration utilities, and installation fundamentals. 


5. SevenMentor 

The next best option for the SAP BASIS course in India is the Seven Mentor institute. They do offer courses in multi-field of education and are a leading name when it comes to IT training. Professionals, corporate clients and even students also have a variety of courses to upgrade their skills. SAP BASIS certification is one of the courses by Seven Mentor Institute. There are more than 200+ online and offline courses offered by seven Mentors. 

Key Features of the SAP BASIS course

  • Duration- 90-110 hours 
  • Mode of classes- online / offline 
  • Course fee- 
  • Learn directly from trainers having more than 12 years of experience in cooperating with HR. 
  • They offer courses for beginners level, intermediate and advanced levels. 
  • The curriculum is based on theoretical sessions along with practical sessions. 
  • Become a more effective professional in the field of SAP Basis./ HR

Syllabus covered

  • Introduction of SAP BASIS
  • The second module is on client administration
  • Also, get to know about the graphical user interface. 
  • Understand clients/ server architecture. 
  • Get introduced to solution manager, Hardware sizing. And many more topics. 


6. Udemy

It’s one of the known names for online courses covering multiple areas of education and training.  There are more than 200k+ courses available at Udemy. One can get very affordable short courses to upgrade their career. They have the strength of 70k+ instructors behind offering such a huge range of courses.  It’s a platform to get online training with recorded videos and to learn at your own pace. SAP BASIS is also one of the courses for those who want to learn through videos along with their current profession. 

Key features of the SAP BASIS course

  • Duration- 40 hours
  • Mode of classes- on-demand videos. 
  • Course Fee- ₹3,299 ( discounted price – ₹449)
  • Get 66 downloadable resources also.
  • You will learn about SAP Architecture, SAP Basis Administration, Configuration and Administration of SAP System and Managing SAP System Administration Daily Tasks. 


There are a total of 14 modules in the syllabus. A few of them are 

  • Introduction of SAP system 
  • How to start and stop SAP
  • Learn SAP system configuration and software development. 
  • Know about system monitoring and RFC connections 
  • And many more topics are there related to SAP BASIS administration. 



Atos is the next best institute if you are looking for the best SAP BASIS  online courses in India. They are providing quality-based SAP training for the last 20 years.  They do offer different types of training on SAP according to the requirement of the customer . for example SAP training for individuals, corporates, education institutes, and ERP foundations. There is the option of choosing the mode of classes also like Virtual Live Classroom (VLC), training, Instructor Led Training(ILT), Online training program(OLT), or Learning Hub for Consultants

Key Features of the SAP BASIS course

  • Duration – 25 days course
  • Mode of classes- VLC training ( Virtual live classroom) or instructor-led classroom training. 
  • Course Fee- Not available
  • Get lifetime access to study materials, student portal and learning videos. 
  • Apply for the job profile like system administrator after completing the course. 
  • Learn to deal with backups, severe shutdowns and DRs.
  • Learn about installations, upgrades and then patch implementations, 



Another online and offline training provider is ACTE. it’s also one of the leading names in this industry. They offer courses designed by more than 650+ renowned experts in the industry. They have been ranked by LinkedIn as the no.1 influential education institute.  You can choose this institute also for the SAP BASIS certification in India. 

Key Features of the SAP BASIS course

  • Duration – 40+ hours classes
  • Mode of classes- Live online class ( instructor-led)
  • Course fee-
  • Beginner and advanced-level course is available.
  • Learn from certified expert trainers having more than 9 years of experience. 
  • Get assistance in interview preparation by using best practices. 
  • 100% job Guarantee 
  • Course curated according to the job requirements.
  • Work on 25+ assignments and 3 + live projects to get hands-on real-time experience. 

Syllabus Covered

  • Learn System Landscape & Architecture and  SAP Client Administration
  • Gain knowledge on topics like User Activities, Job Processing, Managing Transports, Patch Management, and Importing A Queue
  • Also, know about System Monitoring and Remote Function Call


Why do SAP BASIS Courses?

There is a huge demand for SAP professionals in the market. The primary purpose of SAP BASIS is to ensure that the SAP system runs smoothly and efficiently. Job opportunities are very high with good salary packages.  An SAP BASIS course can help you develop troubleshooting skills, which are essential for resolving technical issues that may arise in the SAP system. Overall, completing an SAP BASIS online course can help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the SAP system, which can lead to better job opportunities and career growth.



Getting enrolled on an SAP BASIS  course in India is one of the best decision one can make to take his or her career ahead. SAP professionals are in high demand because of their abilities to perform user administration, manage all databases in organisations and many more tasks. Depending on the experience and knowledge also, an SAP BASIS professional can earn an average salary ranging between 15 lakhs to 50 lakhs per annum. So aspirants can choose from the above 8 best institutes if they are willing to do SAP Course


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1-  Is it necessary to know coding to learn SAP Basis?

Ans-  No, coding is not required to become an SAP basis professional. 

Ques 2- What is the salary for SAP basis professionals?

Ans- starting  Salary range is ₹ 3.1 Lakhs to ₹ 10.5 Lakhs per annum  for SAP basis administrators. 

Ques 3-  Is learning SAP BASIS hard? 

Ans- Learning SAP BASIS is not tricky. One who has the will to learn can have a string grip very easily.

Ques4 – Can we enrol in SAP Basis online courses along with jobs?

Ans- Yes, you can learn while doing the job .most of the institutes offers flexible timings for classes. 

Ques 5- How much time i can learn SAP BASIS?

Ans- Most of the course’s duration ranges between 3 months to 6 months. 

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