Top 10 SAP HANA courses Online

SAP Hana Course

The SAP S/4HANA enterprise resource planning suite is based on the SAP HANA database. Almost every SAP consultant offers sap Hana training and has at least heard of HANA or S/4HANA. On the other hand, exposure to information does not equate to actual comprehension. Numerous SAP training academies provide SAP HANA courses online at reasonable rates, including training, certification, and job placement services. The SAP HANA certification can be earned as part of a more extensive program or as a standalone elective. There are online, classroom, and self-paced options for these SAP classes online.

SAP HANA: SAP HANA courses (Systems and Applications Products High-Performance Analytical Appliance) is innovative because it can store data in memory instead of on a hard drive. It can process vast amounts of data quickly. In addition, it can be stored in the cloud.

It focuses on columns and is used to establish relationships between databases. Additionally, it serves as a database management system. A primary focus is it stores and retrieves data for applications on demand.

Top 10 SAP HANA courses Online

  1. Kodakco

Rating: 4.9/5

SAP HANA courses Online

Along with other SAP-focused companies, Kodakco Academy is one of the online platforms where students and professionals can take affordable SAP HANA certification courses. They offer training for SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Basis, SAP PLM, and SAP Analytics certifications.

In addition, they develop employability training programs in partnership with prestigious educational institutions and major corporations, including IIT Madras, the University of Essex, the University of Liverpool, the Indian Institutes of Technology Roorkee and Guwahati, IBM, and E&ICT MNIT. Their teaching faculty comprises industry professionals, ensuring you understand the subject. Students receive an adequate amount of application-based practice.

Subject-matter experts teach their courses, and their teaching methods make it easy to learn complex topics quickly. Kodakco provides learners with technical support and career services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Key Highlights of the SAP HANA course

Well-versed Curriculum: Their subject matter experts have meticulously crafted the SAP HANA Program’s curriculum to ensure that you are “Industry-ready” to face the challenges of the job market and enjoy a significant salary increase.

Lifetime LMS Acess: The E-LMS is compatible with mobile devices and can access anywhere. LMS contains introductory videos, practice papers, and other materials.

Projects and Internships: This institution offers a variety of Case studies, practical projects, and internships to help students acquire valuable knowledge in this field. Candidates learn about industry projects as part of the SAP HANA online training Course. By providing candidates with real-world experience, the internship program also aids in their career preparation.

Certification: Acquire an SAP HANA Certification from Kodakco, recognized by the Indian government and has received numerous awards.

Placement: 100% placement assurance Assistance for one year following course completion

Expert Trainers: Our faculty has instructed more than 150 SAP groups over the past two decades.

Course Duration: The duration of the instructor-led online training is 44 hours.

Course Fees: 29500

Contact No: 092054 44827

Address:B-55, Sector-2, Noida (UP)-201301

  1. Radical Technologies

Rating: 4.8/5

Radical Technologies has been renowned for its administrative and software development courses since 1995. They prepare IT professionals through their training solutions for successful careers.

Gain an advantage with their technologies and be prepared for the future. Its SAP HANA certification is affordable. Trainers have at least 12 years of experience as consultants or architects.

Key Highlights of the SAP HANA course

Training: In this 44-hour course, a teacher will guide students in real time. Learners participate in the Bootcamp after completing online training. Throughout the year, candidates may also take as many classes as they desire from various instructors.

Trainers: Their coaches have over twelve years of experience in SAP HANA. Numerous training partners and organizations have recognized them over the years for their expertise in the field.

Placements: The SAP HANAN training program guarantees employment upon completion of the program. Alum networks aid students in finding employment in every region of the world.

Course Duration: 40 hours.

Course Fees: 25000

Contact No:095525 73917

  1. Seven Mentor

Rating: 4.7/5

It is one of the top online SAP HANA certification training institutions. It is well-known for offering classroom and online training. Moreover, the training emphasizes experiential learning.

Key Highlights of the SAP HANA course

  • Certificate of Completion with One Hundred Percent Placement Support
  • Access to training modules for all levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced
  • Offers 90 to 110 hours of instruction 
  • Provides practical experience
  • Present the chance to work on real-time projects.

Course Duration: 90 hours.

Course Fees: 45000

Contact No: 020-71173116

  1. Igrow Soft

Igrow Soft is a reputable institution that is ideal for SAP HANA Certification. It offers basic to advanced SAP HANA training to anyone desiring to learn online.

The Igrow Soft  SAP HANA course has benefited business professionals, students, app developers, and IT experts. Due to the trained and highly qualified instructors, the SAP HANA online training is the best and most in-demand.

Key Highlights of the SAP HANA course

  • They prepare effectively and updated course materials available to facilitate certification.
  • Utilize flexible scheduling to learn SAP HANA thoroughly.
  • Investigate SAP HANA holistically from application to modeling, replication, and reporting.
  • Be assured of placements with Igrow Soft upon completion of the course.

Course Duration: 40 hours.

Course Fees: 25800

Contact No: 088855 03231

  1. Atos India

Rating: 4.5/5

Atos India has been recognized as India’s leading SAP partner. Since the 1990s, they have been committed to education in this field. Their expertise in different SAP courses allows them to serve various clients. It was the first SAP training institution in India to open in 1999.

 In addition, they recognize the ever-evolving and expanding needs and adapt to the SAP market accordingly. Further, they offer corporate training to SAP end-users and project teams, whether or not they are certified. These courses are designed to fill the skill gaps of existing SAP users and are highly specialized. These are short-term, need-based courses.

Key Highlights of the SAP HANA course

  • Focus on both theoretical and practical knowledge holistically.
  • Interact with experienced expert faculty to advance one’s knowledge of SAP HANA.
  • Recognized as an SAP HANA certification expert with a globally accredited certification.
  • Increase your resume’s ranking by obtaining certification from Atos
  • Take advantage of the complimentary demo class to reinforce how Atos creates value.

Course Duration:  4 Weeks.

Course Fees: 30000

Contact No: 1800 572 5840

  1. ACTE’s

ACTE achieves its goal of providing a high-quality SAP HANA certification, where it is a recognized leader in the field of IT software training. The training material is revised to accommodate the expanding demands of the IT industry.

ACTE’s SAP HANA online training is a requirement for any trainee desiring to acquire actionable skills. Exploring the best practices of the industry is a bonus.

Key Highlights of the SAP HANA course

  • With ACTE’s placement assistance, new graduates and seasoned professionals will benefit.
  • Utilize the SAP HANA Lab’s facilities.
  • Sessions centered on the resume and interview are beneficial for all trainees.
  • A comprehensive SAP HANA training program based on emerging job requirements
  • Upon course completion, be eligible for and anticipate a lucrative salary.
  1. VACSnSAP Edu

VACS is affiliated with SAP and offers programs that prepare candidates for consultant positions. This institute is located in Thane, Maharashtra, India.

SAP HANA certification programs ensure that every individual who completes the course is equipped to take on challenging employment and is on the right career path. Since ten years ago, they have been supported by VACS Technology Pvt. Ltd, an SAP consulting firm.

Among SAP institutions in India, they guarantee the quickest placement time. VCAS places candidates within one to two months, whereas the average time to place candidates is two to three months.

Key Highlights of the SAP HANA course

  • It conducts SAP HANA training courses at educational institutions and colleges.
  • It provides SAP training and services to business organizations.
  • Additionally, they have been awarded the Best e-Learning Partner award by SAP India.
  1. Quick Xpert Infotech’s SAP HANA Course

It is a reputable training organization with headquarters in Mumbai. Numerous trainees profit from the offered IT and SAP HANAN certification. According to reviews, both newcomers and seasoned professionals stand to benefit.

Specifically, SAP HANA training is delivered efficiently via case studies and live projects. Take advantage of Quick Xpert Infotech’s demo session to ensure buy-in. 100% guaranteed job placement is a highly desirable feature.

Key Highlights of the SAP HANA course

  • A comprehensive SAP HANA training program tailored to meet specific needs
  • Emphasis on practical knowledge of SAP HANA
  • Gain access to expert-led training and study materials.
  • Benefit from placements with reputable organizations upon graduation.
  • Participate in practice sessions for a solid SAP HANA foundation.
  1. AIMS Institute for Management Research

The AIMS Institute of Management Studies in Pune offers several exceptional SAP courses that meet the needs of numerous students while keeping pace with the global business market. India’s best SAP training institute facilitates trust and reliance by being the most renowned and reliable institution.

Key Highlights of the SAP HANA course

  • The leading sap institute in India offers a 52-week program.
  • Students will receive the SAP HANA certification upon course completion is internationally recognized and will aid them in their job search internationally.
  • In addition, the organization provides internship and placement opportunities for students.
  • You will have the opportunity to apply for several scholarships that will benefit students throughout the program.
  • Numerous learners have been captivated by and benefited from case studies, tools, and practical business instruction.
  • AIMS ensures you get the best satisfaction from the SAP HANA online training.
  1. Seed 

Seed is an official SAP partner, and this leading sap institute in India is constantly updating its curriculum. Here, there are multiple courses. Depending on your needs, you can select the most appropriate option.

Key Highlights of the SAP HANA course

  • There are three ways to enroll in SAP HANA certification: instructor-led training, online training, and virtual classroom activities.
  • Since SAP has been one of the most popular courses in recent years, SEED devises every method and introduction imaginable to aid students in comprehending the material.
  • Moreover, the trainers who assist and guide you here have a great experience and typically provide the best SAP-learning advice.
  • After completing the program, you will receive a certificate to help you obtain a higher-paying position in your field.
  • This best sap training institution provides students with flexible class schedules.


These are the top ten SAP HANA Certification training programs. This guide has endeavored to include all relevant information about these SAP HANA online training.

There are currently numerous SAP training institutes in India offering various SAP courses. Before applying, I strongly advise users of this information to carefully examine the course’s details, including the syllabus, course duration and timings, course fees, etc.

Before enrolling in a course program, evaluate the institution’s credibility. You should contact the Course faculty and request a demonstration session. Additionally, gather information beforehand regarding project support and placement assistance.

Therefore, read it before making any decisions. You will not be satisfied no matter which SAP HANA training course you choose. So, feel free to make your selection.


  1. How many days does SAP HANA training require?

Ans: You can complete the SAP HANA certification courses within three to six months. You can learn quickly and take the certification exam early if you have prior experience with SAP technology.

  1. Is SAP HANA in demand?

Ans: SAP HANA specialists are currently in high demand on the job market and can anticipate earning an excellent salary. SAP HANA certification is one of the best career opportunities for SAP HANA consultants seeking to improve their skills.

  1. Is it challenging to learn SAP HANA?

Ans: No, SAP HANA training is not complex, but you must devote two hours daily. Practice as frequently as possible. So, to begin with, there is a straightforward and uncomplicated path to proficiency. 

  1. What is the highest salary for SAP HANA professionals in India?

Ans: The highest reported Sap Hana salary is 50 lakhs. 10% of employees earn more than 30 lakhs annually. The top 1% earn more than 50 lakhs per year.

  1. Does SAP HANA require coding?

Ans: Since SAP has introduced ABAP on HANA, all ABAP developers must implement new coding techniques and migrate ABAP code to the new HANA platform.

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