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There is no denying the fact that SAP software integrates most, if not all, business functions into a single centralized and automated real-time system. SAP BASIS is the technical module that consists of the framework for the smooth functioning of SAP applications. It entails configuration, Installation, load balancing, and in general, managing the SAP systems in the environment. 

An SAP career has specific job profiles like SAP BASIS Consultant, SAP BASIS Administrator, and so on. Nonetheless, these roles require expertise in the module, which can be secured through SAP BASIS Courses. 

If you are seeking an SAP BASIS Training Course, read along to know about the Top 10 SAP BASIS courses online, what each course offers, and how this course helps you accomplish your goal. 

Why engage in an SAP BASIS course online?

SAP BASIS is one of the most marketable modules in the SAP world. Any Graduate from Computer Science, IT, or other engineering disciplines and MCAs can acquire the skills and make a providential career in this track. In the bargain, candidates targeting an SAP BASIS career need real-world work experience, which can be attained through a well-received SAP BASIS Course. 

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These courses are created by adept professionals intending to meet the dynamic requirements of various industries. Also, they provide a holistic learning of the concepts that include practical upskilling as well. You can develop the skills and work on some real-world projects during the course period, which may prove to be the stepping stone to a successful career in the SAP BASIS arena.

What is more, you can validate your skills through SAP Certification Exams, the preparation for which is extensively provided by these SAP BASIS Courses online. 

Wade through to know more about these top 10 SAP BASIS courses online and what they offer.

  1. Kodakco (  Rating: 4.9)

kodakco log

Kodakco is a premium institute that provides training exclusively in various SAP courses. With exceptional training methods, Kodakco has upskilled more than 12,000 professionals in the field of SAP.  563+ projects and 31+ learning solutions make Kodakco one of the most expedient training institutes with a presence in more than 4 countries. The wide array of Technology partners makes this institute the no.1 in the list of Top 10 SAP BASIS Courses online. Additionally, they offer 100% placement support that has fostered the career of the learners through the respective courses.

SAP BASIS Training course by Kodakco

  • This SAP BASIS Training includes case studies and an extensive curriculum that fairly covers key concepts like Client/Server Architecture, Solution Manager, Hardware Sizing, Router configuration, and much more.
  • An expert team of mentors and instructors encourages the learners to work on live industry-relevant projects to gain practical exposure.
  • The course offers an accredited certificate of completion of Training, thereby validating the skills the learners gain during the course.
  • Refine your skills through recorded video and online instructional material with a state-of-art e-learning facility and lifetime accessibility.
  • Leverage placement support through masterclasses and placement drives.
  • SAP Certification Exam assistance.

Course duration and mode: 44 hours of intensive live online SAP BASIS training.

Course Fees for SAP BASIS Training course: INR 29,500 and covers 10 modules.

Contact No: +91 9205444827, +1(415)-449-1951, [email protected]

  1. Udemy ( Rating- 4.5 )

Udemy is another popular online learning platform that offers skill-building courses, by and large. They offer courses in more than 200,000 disciplines through power points, recorded videos, PDFs, and other instructional methods. These courses range from health and fitness to Management, Design, programming, etc. Most importantly, some of these courses are free and some are paid. There are more than 20 different SAP BASIS courses online at the Udemy portal. The learners can choose from a wide array of SAP BASIS Courses online at Udemy. Let us know more about these courses in detail.

SAP BASIS Courses online from Udemy

  • SAP BASIS Administration- 4.3
  • The course Duration is 40 hours of on-demand video, which covers 70 lectures. SAP Architecture, Management, and Configuration are the various topics covered. Certificate of completion included.
  • The course fee is INR 3,299.
  • SAP BASIS Essential Training- 4.4
  • The course duration is 3.5 hours of on-demand video and 16 articles. The course covers System Admin, configuration, monitoring, and security. You can learn advanced as well as basic-level concepts.
  • The course fee is INR 3,499.

The above two courses are the best sellers. Some of the other SAP BASIS online courses from Udemy are

  • SAP BASIS + HANA Administration- 12 hours and INR 2,699.
  • SAP BASIS Complete Certification Training- 17.5 Hours and INR 2,299.
  • Introduction to SAP ERP Beginner- 1 hour, INR 2,599
  • SAP BASIS Complete Installation- 2 hours, INR 1,499.
  • Hands-on BASIS Training– 4.5 hours, INR 1,699.
  • SAP BASIS End User Training- 2 hours, INR 1,499.
  • SAP BASIS and Security Interview Questions- 39 questions, INR 799
  • SAP BASIS step-by-step- TMS Getting started( Free Course)- 1 hour

In addition to the above list, there are many other SAP BASIS Courses online.

  1. TutorialsPoint- ( Rating- 4.6 )

Loaded with 5000+ Courses, TutorialsPoints offers courses in multiple categories like lifestyle, Development, IT, Networking, Cybersecurity, Business, Marketing, and suchlike. Free Tutorials and Text Library are the main marketing tools that make Tutorialpoint one of the leading providers of online training. Learn all about the SAP BASIS module through online videos at this institute.

SAP BASIS Online Training from Tutorialspoint

  • The course covers SAP BASIS Client/User administration, TMS, Patch Management, and Monitoring SAP systems.
  • Includes 30 lectures and certificate of completion of Training.
  • Once purchased lifetime access to the courses.

Course Duration and mode: 2.5 hours, recorded online videos.

Course fee for the SAP BASIS training: INR 399.

Contact details: Tutorials Point India Private Limited, 4th Floor Incor9 Building, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500081, INDIA.

  1. ATOS ( Rating- 4.7)

At ATOS, the dynamicity of the SAP ecosystem is completely taken care of through well-designed SAP Training courses. With a high placement ratio and being an SAP education partner for more than 20 years, Atos is another well-received SAP Training Institutes among the mass.

SAP BASIS Training from ATOS-top 10 SAP BASIS courses online

  • This course covers Load Balancing, Installation, Configuration, and Performance Analysis of SAP applications.
  • Graduates with 1-3 years of experience can attend the training.
  • Also, an understanding of Windows/Linus/ other Operating Systems is desirable.

Course Duration and mode: 25 days,  Virtual Live Classroom Training and Instructor-led Classroom Training are available.

Contact Details: Bangalore- +91- 8143009883/ 9243166026

Chennai- +91-9962262652

Mumbai- +91-8879895739

Pune-  +91-9699432292/ 9962249223

  1. KOENIG Solutions ( Rating- 4.5 )

With a wide reach across the globe, Koenig Solutions provides IT upskilling courses and a long list of plausible learning methods like online training, Classroom learning, Fly-me-a-trainer, Ultra Fasttrack, etc. Flexible classes, in-house Trainers, and fully automated operations give credit to the fact that these courses are well-planned with multiple deliverables. Hence the SAP BASIS online Certificate course is one of the most coveted courses.

SAP BASIS Certification Training from Koenig Solutions

  • Exhaustive curriculum that encompasses all the key concepts and tools.
  • Hands-on training at labs
  • Digital Certificate post-completion of Training
  • Graduates, Mtech, MBA, and MCA can attend the training

Course Duration and mode: 200 Hours of live online training; 4 hours during weekdays, and 8 hours during weekends.

You can choose the Flexi mode for self-paced videos as well.

  1. Croma Campus ( Rating- 4.5 )

For top-notch professional training in the IT domain, Croma Campus is the best option. Based in Delhi, they provide various upskilling courses for IT professionals like Programming course, Data Science, AWS, Cloud Computing, and many more like that. Technical professionals from top MNCS run this platform for training and upskilling courses.

SAP BASIS Online Training in India by Croma Campus

  • This course offers training in key areas like Configuration functions, Database Administration, and Troubleshooting along with the intricate details of the SAP BASIS module.
  • 100% job assistance and 100% success ratio.
  • Adepts from the domain conduct mock interviews for the learners to be equipped with soft skills.
  • Last but not least, they put focus largely on hands-on experience through live projects.

Course Duration and mode: 40 hours of training, you can choose between online or classroom modes, since both are available.

For course fees and other details contact: +919711526942 ( for voice Calls), or 918287060032 ( for Whatsapp ).

  1. RH Softtech ( Rating- 4.3) – top 10 SAP BASIS Course Online

With more than 70 courses in the IT domain and Digital marketing, RH Softtech is another online training institute for job-oriented software courses. They offer placement aid during and post-completion of the course. As such, need-based online training makes this institute all the more interesting and unique. 

SAP BASIS Online Training in India

  • This course extensively covers topics like R/3 Architecture, Client administration, implementation, Kernel upgrade, and Service Marketplace, among others.
  • Expert IT professionals design this course and qualified trainers render the training systematically.
  • And, Flexible training timings.

Course Duration and mode: 35 to 40 hours of online Instructor-led training

For Course fees and other details contact: tel:+919356913849, or email at [email protected]

  1. KITS Online Training ( Rating- 4.4) 

Based in Hyderabad, KITS online training is another well-received name in the world of IT Training courses. Some of these courses are Cloud Computing, Robotics, Data Warehouse, Programming, etc. The popular SAP modules courses are available as well.

SAP BASIS Online Training

  • They follow one of the most elaborate curricula among all the courses listed here among the top 10 SAP BASIS courses Online.
  • Case studies and practical learning methods from real-time experts are the other pluses of the SAP BASIS Online Training course.
  • Also, Flexible schedule for training, LMS access, and soft skills training. 

Course Duration and Mode: 35 hours of training, 100% online.

For course fees and other details contact: tel:9959766329, [email protected]

  1. ECorp Trainings & Services ( Rating- 4.6 )

Based in Hyderabad, ECT is a premium platform for online and Corporate Training courses. Their clients include businesses in the IT  sector, Government Organizations, Financial Institutions, Healthcare, and Manufacturing among others. The SAP BASIS Training course online entails basic knowledge of the installation and configuration of software on the Windows platform.

SAP BASIS Training- Top 10 SAP BASIS Courses Online

  • They provide free Study material
  • Secondly, Real-time expert instructors take the learners through the lessons.
  • Thirdly, an elaborate curriculum that fairly covers all the key topics.

Course Duration and mode: 35 to 40 hours and online Training mode.

For Course fees and other details contact: +91-8143-111-555, [email protected]

  1.   ACTE ( Rating- 4.8 )

ACTE is another well-received training institute with classroom and online training facilities. As such, ACTE has been tagged as the most influential Education Brand. Flexible timings, Hands-on training, Corporate trainers, and lifetime study material are a few of the benefits of ACTE courses.

SAP BASIS Training- Top 10 SAP BASIS Courses Online

  • More than 3 live projects for hands-on exposure.
  • 100% guaranteed job support
  • Most importantly, the Curriculum is vast and incorporates key topics like R/3 Administration, Implementation, Installation, Client Management, SAP Printing Systems, and much more.
  • Also, SAP BASIS Exam assistance.

Course Duration and mode: 40 hours of live instructor-led training online.

Course fees: INR 14,000.

For further details contact: tel :+918376802119. 

Before we close

You can select the best possible option based on:

  • What the course offers, how well the curriculum is planned, and how many projects are for experience building.
  • How flexible the timings are, 
  • Is there placement support and Certification Exam aid?
  • And, most importantly is to check whether the course fee is optimal for all the deliverables.


Regardless of the stream in which you graduate, SAP skills can take you a long way in your career. SAP is the most imperative part of many industries which facilitates the profitable methodizing of business processes and applications. Furthermore, SAP BASIS is a prudent skill as it makes provisions for an incredible career in various industries. 

This list of Top 10 SAP BASIS Courses Online is based on the courses that focus on providing practical as well as theoretical training in the key areas of SAP BASIS. The details of each course and the various deliverables are enlisted as well. 

A good course should always provide excellent training and Internship opportunities along with robust placement support. 

railingly, from my personal experience, the testimonials and reviews from previous learners are the best pointers for choosing!


  1. Which online SAP BASIS course is the best?

ANS: SAP BASIS courses online are abundantly available and these courses offer more than just training. Most of the courses listed above provide practical learning and soft skill training that help the learners build a promising career in this line.

  1. Is SAP BASIS hard to learn?

ANS: No, SAP BASIS is not hard to learn The SAP BASIS Courses online provide training in key concepts and relevant real-time project exposure to become industry-ready. Enroll in the best SAP BASIS Course online and start your journey as an SAP Consultant.

  1. Is SAP BASIS good for my career?

ANS: If you are an IT professional, looking for upgrading your job profile with SAP, then SAP BASIS is the best option. Hence, mastering the SAP BASIS skills and earning a certificate is always a prudent choice to give your career a desired makeover.

  1. How much does an SAP Consultant earn in India?

ANS: The Average salary of an SAP Consultant in India is in the range of INR 7.0 Lakhs p.a. 

  1. What are the aids provided for preparing for the SAP Certification Exam?

ANS:  Most of the SAP BASIS online courses listed above provide SAP Certification Exam assistance. They include free preparation material, guidance in registering and scheduling for the Exam, and so on. These online courses provide an LMS facility that helps the learners revise and refine their skills through recorded videos and other online instructional materials.

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