Top 10 SAP IBP Courses in India

SAP IBP is in high demand because it lets companies meet the future needs of their customers or expertise. The SAP IBP Courses (Integrated Business Planning) is business planning software dat runs in the cloud and is used for supply chain management. The SAP IBP uses real-time combined information, which lets companies act quickly. This tool lets you plan for demand and inventory together, simultaneously prepare for sales and operations, and keep an eye on things wif an analytical dashboard.

The SAP IBP is known for its new user experience solution because it has the following business-integrated solutions:

  • Integrated business planning for sales and operations.
  • Integrated business planning for the demand.
  • Integrated business planning for inventory management.
  • Integrated business planning for supply.
  • Integrated business planning for response planning.

Top SAP IBP Courses in India

1. Kodakco

More than 1.2 million students from over 155 countries have taken online courses from Kodakco, making it one of the largest online education providers. Since everyone should have access to a good education, they are working to make that a reality for as many people as possible.

The IIT Madras, University of Essex, University of Liverpool, IIT Roorkee, IIT Guwahati, E&ICT MNIT Jaipur, SPJIMR, IBM, Microsoft, and other top universities and MNCs work with them to develop courses that boost employability.

Kodakco Acadmey is a Certified Technology Company specializing in SAP software solutions and enterprise application services. The main offices of Kodakco Academy are in Hyderabad and San Francisco. It is an industry leader in offering business software solutions for:

  • Business Suite S/4HANA 
  • Cloud Platform
  •  C/4HANA with Hybris C4C
  •  BW/4HANA Cloud Analytics
  •  SAP Multi-Channel Foundation

Key Features of the Course:

  • Training: 44 Hours of online instructor-led training
  • Projects: You can do tasks on data integration, Supply Chain IBP, and more. 
  • Internship: that combines classroom instruction with real-world experience.
  • Guaranteed placement: One Year of free services after training
  • LMS:  instructional materials, including video lectures, interactive quizzes, and more
  • Certificate: Students will get a certificate at the end of the course.

Ph No: 9205444827

2. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers a 9-in-1 course that stands out from other institutions. It is the best institution to offer SAP IBP courses in India. Top publishers and channels like Hindustan Times, Statesman, Aaj Tak, and News World India rank Henry Harvin® for its high-quality training.

Key Features of the Course

  • 44 hours of offline and online interactive training
  • Projects: They cover topics like Data Integration, Supply Chain IBP, and others in their projects.
  • Internship: Here, students will learn to put their knowledge into practice. 
  • Certification: When you finish the course, you get a Course Completion Certificate of SAP IBP Training from Henry Harvin®, which is recognized by the government of India and has won awards.
  • Placement: 100% Placement Support Guarantee for 1-Year post successful completion
  • Access to e-learning with many tools and techniques, video content, tests, and other things.
  • Membership: When you sign up for the course, you get a one-year Gold Membership to the Henry Harvin® ERP Academy for the SAP IBP Training Course.
  • Trainers at Henry Harvin® are the most respected experts in their fields and have worked there for more than 15 years. They have delivered more than 350 lectures and are now recognized as experts in their field by the Henry Harvin® ERP Academy.
  • Affiliation of Henry Harvin®: It is a member of the American Association of English as a Foreign Language, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UK-Cert, the Project Management Institute (PMI), IASSC People Cert, and ISO 29990:2010. 

Ph No: 9891953953

3. ACTE: SAP IBP Course in India

ACTE offers Classroom, Online, One-on-One, and Customised Training.  In addition, their skilled trainers have crafted their SAP IBP training courses. Real-world professionals teach the SAP IBP Course. So, their training course is lively and full of interaction. In particular, ACTE has courses for both beginners and advanced levels, including hands-on training. Also, they deliver 25+ practical assignments and access to learning materials and videos for life. Moreover, their SAP IBP specialists have nine or more years of industry experience.

Ph No:  093833 99991

4. ZaranTech: SAP IBP Course in India

The strength of ZaranTech lies in its devoted professionals. As an industry leader in e-learning, they specialize in providing certification for specialized IT courses. In general, their training programs meet the needs of freshers and seasoned professionals seeking to upgrade their skills.

In addition, each of their expert trainers is a working professional from one of the leading companies with a minimum of eight years of real-world experience and more than three years of training experience. After a candidate completes his SAP IBP Courses in India, they provide resume assistance and interview support over time. 

ZaranTech prepares you for the job interview by making you confident by participating in mock interviews. 

Ph No: 95435 37321

5. Multisoft Virtual Academy

The Multisoft Virtual Academy offers a variety of technical courses. Significantly, their SAP IBP Course in India is taught by industry professionals. Typically, they provide comprehensive result analytics for all practice tests and evaluations.

Simultaneously, at Multisoft, candidates will acquire real-time Supply Chain management training and practical experience. Specifically, their SAP IBP course material is comprehensive, informative, and of good value. In addition to training for SAP IBP Courses, Multisoft offers training for numerous other courses.

Ph No: 081306 66206

6. SAP Training

SAP Learning Hub will assist you in staying current with your online learning to increase your skill set. Their training courses are either virtual or held at the SAP Training center. Moreover, their training is collaborative and hands-on practical training. Using their hybrid approach, you can customize your training dates above all.

In addition, you will gain a comprehensive understanding through lectures, demonstrations, and system exercises.

The SAP training provides free web seminars for participants to stay updated on SAP methodologies. However, if you cannot attend, you can review the slides and audio recordings to catch up. Additionally, they offered classes in English, Chinese, and Japanese. In India, their SAP Training Hub offers one beginner-level and four advanced-level SAP IBP courses. Despite this, each of their SAP IBP Courses in India is only a few days long and has a vertical pricing structure.

7. Learning Tree 

 Learning Tree is a globally renowned provider of SCM and ERM software. SAP online training programs from Learning Tree can also help you acquire the necessary SAP skills and SAP IBP course certification.

All online SAP classes offer hands-on training and skill-building opportunities on their platform. With the proper SAP online training, you will gain knowledge of valuable skills such as Business Objects, ABAP, and HANA while also earning a prestigious certification.

Whether you decide to train yourself or your team, Learning Tree has the appropriate SAP courses for you and your colleagues. Online SAP IBP training courses are available for both beginners and experts. You can peruse their course catalog and make your selection.

8. Ecorporate Training and Services (ECT)

Ecorptrainings & Services (ECT) is committed to implementing the best services in the industry. In actuality, they specialize in both Corporate and Online Training. Moreover, they offer SAP IBP courses in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. In addition, their SAP IBP training features instructional materials developed by industry professionals.

They are willing to arrange private classroom instruction at ECT for at least four individuals. Similarly, corporate training provides a 5-Day program that will last approximately 8 hours per day. In addition, 60% of their training is hands-on, while 40% is theoretical. Here students will get free study materials. Online classes are available on weekends, mornings, and evenings with industry experts as instructors.

9. SAP Learning Center

 Here you will find numerous online SAP learning options. SAP Training has an extensive training catalog that includes training for all levels, from the most fundamental to the most advanced and professional. The specialists have categorized their courses by business process and software solution to make navigating and locating the ideal SAP IBP courses in India easier.

This online SAP certification course is distinctive as students can take it online or offline, i.e., at any of their training centers. Even though you can choose any learning format, you have no time flexibility. 

Consequently, in these instructor-led classes, you will develop and maintain your SAP software skills through collaborative learning and practical application. Overall, this course will help you maintain your skill level.

SAP IBP is a certification course; therefore, you will be awarded the SAP Global Certification upon completing the online SAP IBP course. This course validates your knowledge and expertise in the SAP ecosystem.

10. Udemy -SAP IBP Course in India

 This is unquestionably your best option if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly online SAP IBP course in India. It teaches you everything you need to know to perform daily office tasks with SAP. You will learn and comprehend the system’s essential components through this online SAP certification. The instructor will guide you through the basic to advanced levels in a straightforward manner. Not only are there theoretical SAP classes available online, but there is also a balance between theory and practice to ensure that whatever you learn can be applied in the real world. A live system confirms every minute concept to facilitate comprehension.


All ERP-related products are moving toward SAP, the most-discussed SAP innovation of recent years. Implementing real-time integrated Supply Chain Planning, this SAP module is one of the most demanded. This training enables you to become an SAP Integrated Business Planning expert and achieve more profitable outcomes for your organization.

SAP IBP Courses (Integrated Business Planning) is an SAP HANA-based cloud-based solution for requirements and stock planning along the entire Supply Chain. SAP HANA is merely a memory-based database that accelerates data-driven, real-time decisions and actions. On-premises and in the cloud, SAP IBP offers sophisticated analytics on multi-model data.

SAP IBP combines standard planning and predictive capabilities with modern machine learning for time series and business object analyses. It enables you to react or act immediately in response to market developments and challenges and to determine the most profitable way to cover demand with your Supply Chain.

Each component may be utilized individually or in combination. Therefore, the above platforms offer the best SAP IBP courses in India. We have included all pertinent information about these courses.


Q. Is it easy to obtain SAP IBP certification?

Ans. Yes, obtaining SAP certification is straightforward. However, it is inaccessible if you attempt to do it alone. Although the success rate of those who try it is low. Nevertheless, regardless of which SAP Courses you attempt, you must possess fundamental domain knowledge. However, the SAP IBP field process is simple and effective.

Also, remember that those with certification will have an advantage over those without one.

Q2. Does SAP IBP Courses certification benefit prospective clients?

Ans. SAP IBP utilizes cloud-based data analytics to make Supply Chain Management more effective, quicker, and accessible. SAP IBP is, obviously, the future. We can expect tremendous growth and expansion in the coming years. Since many businesses are becoming global leaders, their supply chain space is increasing. Additionally, it requires the implementation of multiple SAP IBP-supported processes. However, the most prudent course would be to obtain certification and remain updated.

Q3. What is the compensation package for SAP IBP-certified professionals?

Ans. Depending on your experience and knowledge, you can earn anywhere between 4 lakh and 60 lakh rupees.

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