SAP SuccessFactors: Overview and Uses

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SAP SuccessFactors is a significant cloud-based human capital management software suite that enables enterprises to manage their personnel successfully. To effectively exploit SAP Successfactors ‘ features, it is critical to understand its design and deployment models. This article will provide an overview of what is SAP successfactors, and highlight their uses.

What is SAP Successfactors?

SAP SuccessFactors is one of the most popular HCM and personnel management suites in the cloud. SAP SuccessFactors handles many parts of human resources. These include hiring, performance reviews, analytics, payroll, and training and development.

SAP acquired SuccessFactors to provide cloud-based HCM capabilities to corporate systems. The foundation of SAP SuccessFactors is the SaaS model. The SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite provides tailored experiences for employees and is part of the upcoming generation of Human Capital Management suites.

Uses of SAP Success Factors

Organizations manage their staff with the help of SAP SuccessFactors, a collection of HR apps hosted on the cloud. Hiring, performance management, operations, expansion, and many more areas are just a few of the many uses for the Success Factor SAP modules.

SAP SuccessFactors is an HRMS that runs in the cloud. Businesses can increase efficiency and pinpoint improvement opportunities using these technologies, such as performance tracking and incorporating analytics.

SAP Success Factors Modules

Here are the essential modules of SAP Success Factors Modules:

Objectives and Goals

To begin with, SAP SuccessFactors made this module available. Employees can track their performance and development in real time with the help of its continuous performance management capabilities. This module is also helpful for managers who want to update their staff on company goals.

Payroll Management for Employees

The payroll procedures are greatly simplified with the help of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll. The prompt payment of all employees is guaranteed in this way. Workers put in more effort when they know they will be paid on time. For any business, this is a significant boon.

It helps automate payroll, speeds up procedures, decreases risk, and eliminates the need for human intervention in payroll management.

Onboarding and Offboarding

A streamlined and all-encompassing onboarding and offboarding procedure, which is designed to assist HR departments, HR managers, and new hires, is outlined in this module.

Thanks to a high level of automation, recruits can be “onboarded” at the same time with vital information about their jobs, responsibilities, and connections well before their first day on the job. Quickly delegate responsibilities to departing employees, centralize farewell emails, and view process overviews and workflows with particular activities like device returns during offboarding.

It helps with employee transitions, including transfers and terminations, and new hiring processes that are quicker, simpler, and paperless. The end effect is more productivity.

Attendance and Time

Employee absences and attendance can be more easily tracked with this functionality. Overtime hours for workers can also be computed using this system. Managing employee time off, shift scheduling, and other related tasks is a breeze with SAP SuccessFactors, even in the most intricate corporate settings.

Salary Structure

This module streamlines recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance by combining payroll and people management. Staff members’ responsibilities, hours worked, and remuneration are detailed.

Salary modifications can be made in real-time with ease by managing budgets. Calibration of remuneration guarantees the retention of high performers, and base salary modifications and variable compensation, including bonuses, are both supported.

Transparency and process continuity are brought about by this module, which streamlines payroll and reduces HR operational costs. It gives HR and managers a high-level summary of pay planning. Optimal compensation plans can be achieved by simulating budget scenarios that align with strategic objectives, business units, and individual performance levels. Employees are more likely to stay put when their pay is tied to their performance.

Best Institution for SAP SuccessFactors

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Cloud computing has become the standard in human capital management today. In this new era of digital transformation, SuccessFactors is among the pioneers. The demand for this software is rising consistently as more firms migrate their operations to the cloud. Eventually, it may supersede all other HCM software options.


Ques: Can one quickly master SAP Success Factors?
Ans: Employees can efficiently complete the necessary training and adhere to company policies, among other things, by completing the designated courses within the specified time frames.

Ques: What is the average learning duration for SAP SuccessFactors?
Ans: The self-paced introductory SAP Success Factors Training has been estimated to be completed in around twenty-four hours.

Ques: Does the market require SAP SuccessFactors?
Ans: SAP SuccessFactors professionals are in high demand, as the software is one of the most prominent HCM suites available. Graduates can acquire this skill and become authorities in this crucial area of human resources.

Ques: Which individuals qualify for certification in SAP Success Factors?
Ans: In order to obtain SAP Global Certification for a specific module, any graduate may apply. On the other hand, project or support experience with a particular module is recommended.

Ques: How much do SAP courses cost?
Ans: Depending on the duration and institutions, the SAP course fee can range between 15000 and 50000.

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