Top SAP Modules Lists for 2024

The continuous innovation and technological advancements ensure the relevance of the different SAP modules in today’s digital world. SAP offers tailored solutions to specific industries. This results in finding solutions to the unique challenges, fostering deeper integration and customer satisfaction.

To pursue your career in this growing sector you need to clear the SAP Certification . This certification exam is based on ERP which is the core of the SAP. It helps in the integration of key processes like finance, manufacturing, HR, Procurement etc into a system. In this article, we will see what are the top SAP modules for 2024 and their features. 

Key List of SAP Modules


SAP FICO is the important module in the SAP Modules list.  It is an essential part of SAP ERP.  This module teaches you how to have financial accounting and control. It involves various functions like 

    • General ledger accounting

    • Accounts payable

    • Accounts receivable

    • Asset accounting

    • and controlling activities like cost centre accounting, profitability analysis, and budgeting. 

Businesses adapting SAP FICO to make their financial processes more streamlined and to have better transparency in the financial aspect of the company. Overall this enhances the financial management within the company. 


The next name in the SAP modules list is the SAP SD ( sales or distribution). This module includes managing the different aspects of sales distribution, and billing processes within a SAP ERP.  It includes functions like 

    • Order management, 

    • Inventory, shipping,

    •  and invoicing, allowing businesses to efficiently handle their sales operations

SAP SAP module helps in facilitating the relationship with the customers by tracking sales, managing customer data, and also by providing insights to optimize sales strategies. SAP modules like SAP SD are very important for having streamlined sales processes and a better customer satisfaction rate. 


The next name in the SAP modules list is SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It is a complete tool which helps in managing interactions with customers. The main agenda of this SAP module is to encompass sales, marketing, and service functionalities, enabling businesses to effectively handle customer interactions and enhance relationships. It includes functions like 

    • lead management, 

    • Opportunity tracking,

    • Marketing campaigns, 

    • and customer service operations. 

SAP CRM integrates customer data across various touchpoints, aiding in personalized customer engagement and improving overall customer satisfaction. This platform is pivotal for businesses aiming to optimize their customer-centric strategies and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


SAP MM (Materials Management) is one of the different modules in SAP. This is an important module in the SAP modules list. It is essential for overseeing procurement and inventory functions within SAP ERP. It includes functions like 

    • Procurement processes like purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and vendor management. 

    • MM manages inventory, logistics, and material valuation, ensuring smooth operations and adequate stock levels. 

    • It integrates with other SAP modules like finance and production planning to streamline supply chain processes. 

SAP MM plays a crucial role in optimizing purchasing activities, inventory control, and material flow, contributing significantly to efficient business operations.

5. SAP PP 

Out of different modules in SAP , SAP PP( Production Planning) is the one which looks after the manufacturing processes within SAP ERP. It encompasses functions like 

    • Demand planning

    • Capacity planning

    • and material requirements planning (MRP).

 PP facilitates the scheduling of production activities, managing bills of materials (BOMs), routing, and shop floor control. SAP PP enables businesses to optimize production schedules, improve resource utilization, and enhance overall manufacturing efficiency.


The name in SAP modules is of SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) or SAP SuccessFactors. This module is to take care of the various aspects of human resource management within SAP ERP. It covers functions like

    • Personnel administration

    • Organizational management

    • Time management, payroll

    • and benefits administration. 

SAP HCM aids in optimizing HR operations, ensuring compliance, and fostering a productive work environment within organizations.


The SAP modules list includes SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)module which is a technical module. This is a high-level programming language used for developing custom applications within the SAP ecosystem. This includes functions like 

    • Data Handling

    • Business Logic

    • User Interface

    • Integration

    • Reports and Analytics

It serves as the primary language for SAP’s application server and allows businesses to extend, customize, and enhance SAP applications to meet their specific requirements. 

How to become a certified SAP professional

There are different modules in the SAP which can be learned as per the area you want to specialize. such as FICO, SD, MM, HR, and CRM.  You can become a certified professional in SAP modules by doing Kodakco Academy SAP courses. Kodakco Academy is a leading name for the SAP trainings and is in this industry for more than a decade.  It’s an online course delivered via live online classes. Highly experienced and expert trainers deliver SAP modules. These courses can open up numerous opportunities in the field of SAP. 

Eligibility criteria for SAP Modules

One should gave a basic degree in a relevant field such as computer science, information technology, business administration, engineering. Many SAP modules certifications recommend or require a certain level of professional experience.  

Job Scope after doing certification in SAP Modules

The demand for SAP Training spans across industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance, IT services, and more. The specific job opportunities available often depend on the SAP modules you specialize in and your level of expertise.

You can apply for the following job profiles after completing your specialization in the particular SAP module. 

    1. SAP Consultant

    1. SAP Analyst

    1. SAP Project Manager

    1. SAP Functional Specialist

    1. SAP Technical Consultant 

    1. SAP Business Analyst

    1. SAP Trainer

    1. SAP Support Specialist

    1. SAP Solution Architect 

  1. SAP Security Consultant 


There are different modules in SAP and in todays time there are more than 40+ modules in SAP modules list for 2024. You can do specialization in SAP modules as per your working field. Doing a certification course will help you in gaining the practical hands also. This will help you in becoming eligible for the job opportunities in this field. 

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is SAP?

Ans- SAP ( Systems, Applications, and Products) is  a multinational software corporation based in Germany . It is renowned for developing ERP software and many business solutions. 

    1. What are the uses of SAP?

Ans- SAP serves as a complete platform for businesses, providing tools and functionalities to manage, optimize, and streamline various aspects of their operations. This leads to improved efficiency, better decision-making, and enhanced competitiveness.

    1. Can i learn SAP modules along with my present job?

Ans- There are online part time courses which offers a very flexible schedule which allows you to learn SAP modules along with your present work. 

    1. Will i get certificate after finishing SAP modules courses?

Ans- Yes, there are institutes like kodakco Academy which offers a globally recognized certificate after SAP modules completion. 

    1. What industries use SAP?

Ans- SAP is used across various industries including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, and more. kodakco Academy

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