How to Learn the Italian Language

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One of the sweetest-sounding languages among other European languages is Italian. It gained popularity globally for its musical and harmonious-sounding nature. Italy is quite popular for its rich history, art, music, and a lot more. Many schools, especially in America, emphasize learning Italian, as it helps to communicate with Italian speakers who live across international borders. Precisely, it’s the fourth-highest-learned language in the world. One can learn Italian effortlessly, particularly English-speaking people. Through this blog, we have come up with a few tips on how to learn the Italian language.

Here a few Reasons to learn Italian:

Let us understand the reasons to learn Italian before emphasizing how to learn the Italian language.

  • As stated by UNESCO, about 60% of the world’s treasures belong to Italy. As a result, aspiring for a career in music, arts, or history needs mastering the Italian Language .

Next, Italy is notable for its beautiful lakes, breathtaking mountains, picturesque landscapes, and much more. In short, it’s a paradise on earth that is worth holidaying. Therefore, if you can speak Italian, your travel experience can be exquisite. 

  • Thirdly, Italy is a global leader in machine tool manufacturing, construction, robotics, shipbuilding, and much more. Most of these businesses have offices globally; therefore, if you can speak Italian, the chance of getting a job in these firms is higher.
  • Whether it is music, culinary, fashion, or interiors, Italy is considered the leader of all. If one fancies a job in these sectors, learning Italian will help a lot.

There are several other reasons to learn Italian; however, these are the vital ones.

How do you learn the Italian Language?

Though it’s an easy language to learn, following these tips will help you learn the language quickly.

  • Enroll in an Italian language course:

The desire to learn a language requires you to enroll in a language course. Predominantly, grammar and vocabulary are the basis for any language. Hence, only by enrolling in a language course one becomes proficient in those skills. In the modern day, fortunately, we can find a plethora of learning platforms that provide Italian language courses. Kodakco is one such amazing platform.

At kodakco , one can take a post-graduate diploma in Italian language. Their exclusively curated course curriculum along with spectacular faculty will help you qualify for CELI, an Italian language proficiency test. The icing on the cake is that they offer training from beginner to proficiency level. Besides mastering the language, their training ensures you gain prowess in Italian literature and Italian dialect.

In a nutshell, Kodakco’s Italian language course is a 5-in-1 training program that makes sure you gain command over the language and also provides placement assistance. If you wondering how to learn the Italian language, this is your first step. 

  • Watch Italian movies and TV Shows:

We are fortunate to have multiple OTT platforms through which world cinema has reached every home. Cinema is an extremely impactful medium to learn a new language. After completing Kodakco’s Italian language course, understanding Italian cinema becomes easier. Also, there are subtitles for all the movies to help you understand better. To be specific, learning the Italian language through movies enhances your speech perception.

  • Listen to Italian Podcasts:

Once you are familiar with the basics of the Italian language via Kodakco’s Italian language course; Listening to podcasts will help you stay connected with the language by improving your listening skills. Listening to podcasts is one of the most preferred ways to learn Italian because it helps you familiarize yourself with tones and sounds. 

  • Read Italian books for children:

     Reading persistently is one of the prime methods to develop a grip on any language. Once you are familiar with the Italian language, you can start reading children’s story books. Since children’s books consist of pictures and illustrations with simple phrases, they work as useful tools while learning a new language. The visual cues in the book provide a better learning experience.

  • Watch Italian news:

If you still need better tips on how to learn the Italian language, then following Italian news is one of the supreme ways to absorb the language skills. Either one must read, watch, or listen to Italian news to learn new words and phrases. Additionally, through news one can get better insights into Italian culture. 

  • Teaching:

When we learn something new, teaching about it to a fellow person helps us to retain the knowledge. This method of mastering the language is known as learning-by-teaching.  While you teach, you understand the gaps in the subject; which subsequently leads you to work on your weaker areas. 

These are some of the tips on how to learn the Italian language. 


I hope this blog was effective in helping you understand how to learn the Italian language. In a nutshell, taking an Italian Language Course is the first step to embark on the journey of mastering the language. 


  • How do you learn the Italian language?

     Ans. To begin with, one must take Italian language lessons to understand the fundamentals.

  • Can I accomplish the CELI exam through Kodakco’s Italian language course?

Ans. Absolutely, yes, they train you from beginner to advanced level while providing the required assistance to qualify for the test.

  • What is the meaning of the CELI test?

Ans. It is an Italian language competency test that examines your language knowledge and communication skills.

  • Am I permitted to stay in Italy without knowing the language?

Ans. Yes, you can; however, most  Italians are not good with their English. Therefore, knowing Italian will help you communicate easily. 

  • Besides taking a course, what else can I do to gain proficiency in Italian?

Ans. In addition to taking courses, one can watch movies and TV shows to understand the language effectively.

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