What is Payroll in HR: A Complete Guide

Payroll is a list of employees who receive salary from the company. Payroll is also the total amount of money paid to employees by the business. Payroll may appear tough due to numerous tax and labor obligations, but it can work like a well-oiled machine with the correct tools and procedures.  This blog will define What is Payroll in HR: A Complete Guide.


Payroll Process in HR

The process of paying salary and other compensations to an employee of a company is defined as a Payroll. It starts with creating employee lists whose salaries must be paid and ends with keeping track of different expenses.

The payroll process determines what is owed to employees for a specific payroll cycle after adjusting for required deductions such as PF contributions, TDS, meal coupons, and so on. The payroll cycle is the time between an employee’s two salary distributions. Payroll is normally completed once a month in India.

Many teams, including HR Course ,  finance, and payroll must work together to complete the payroll process. Firms, however, may simply manage all of the payroll processing challenges thanks to contemporary technology.


Career Opportunities

The Finance team hires candidates who have completed the Payroll course. HR managers can be payroll specialists with an MBA.

Payroll management monthly could take a long time. As a result, organizations require the services of a payroll specialist.

Candidates may benefit from India’s startup fever because there is a high demand for payroll professionals.


Eligibility for an HR payroll course 

Enrolling in an HR payroll course requires the following prerequisites:

Candidates for the UG degree or diploma program must have completed Class 12 in any discipline.

PG-13 course: Enrollment requires a bachelor’s degree.

Candidates without a degree may enroll in a Hr Payroll Course -related certificate program.


Fees for an HR Payroll course

Fees are not fixed as it is according to the institute, type of degree or certification, and duration. Usually, the fee lies between INR 10000.00 to INR 20000.00.


Competencies Needed

Students should be proficient in math and team leadership, in addition to possessing good computer and technological skills.


HR Payroll course syllabus

Aside from the extensive analysis, the basic material is as follows:

Introduction to payroll processing,

The key themes include record-keeping requirements, employee retention, payslips, and tax considerations.

Employee Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, and so on.


Salary after completing an HR payroll course

Following completion of a Payroll course, the following are some of the tasks and salaries:

Payroll and Regulation HR Managers make around INR 6.18 LPA.

The Payroll Administrator earns around INR 3.31 LPA.

A generalist in human resources earns around INR 3.87 LPA.

Budget Analysts make around INR 4.16 LPA and so forth.

The HR payroll course online is now available from a variety of schools, as the trend for online courses has grown. Kodakco Consulting is one of the best HR Payroll course providers.


Kodakco Consulting’s  HR Payroll Specialist Course




40 hours 






Kodakco is a technological consultancy and upskilling firm with operations in Hyderabad and San Francisco. It provides B2C training in the fields of medicine, language, Six Sigma, design, and SAP.

It offers B2B companies consultancy and enterprise application services such as SAP Business Suite S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, SuccessFactors, C/4HANA with Hybris C4C, BW/4HANA, and Cloud Analytics. The emphasis is on putting the customer first to add value to the relationship. 

To become the leading customer’s preferred knowledge partner by providing (best-of-breed) top-notch business solutions through innovation, employing technology, and best-in-class people to increase returns (Customer Returns) on Customer Investments. Empower individuals by providing current training and cutting-edge IT-enabled solutions to clients looking to build their businesses.


Benefits of Kodakco HR Payroll Course

  • SAP HR Payroll Training Course Certification Industry-recognized
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Updated industry-oriented learning material Session videos
  • SAP HR Payroll Professionals are entitled to 100% placement aid, internship opportunities, and project support.
  • Add-on supplements supplied to effectively deliver projects (Logo Software, E-Books, Question Making Software, Project Guides/Workbooks, Mobile App, etc.)
  • Get the SAP HR Payroll Training Course Course Completion Certification.


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Payroll processing is critical for sustaining employee happiness and financial stability, and firms that emphasize this function are more likely to thrive in the long run. HR Generalist is essential in Human Resource Management regardless of the size of the firm, whether small, medium, or large. Join one of the HR Payroll courses for a prosperous future.



Q1. What payroll reports are required of employers?

Ans. Salary given, taxes withheld, Social Security and Medicare deductions, and other reports are required.

Q2. What are the pay cycles?

Ans. Most companies choose a weekly, every two months, or monthly payment cycle. While hourly employees are usually paid weekly or fortnightly, salaried employees get monthly.

Q3. What are some benefits of manual payroll systems?

Ans. While it is less expensive, it increases the possibility of calculation and withholdings.

Q4. So, what exactly is a payroll formula?

Ans. Net pay equals gross salary less deductions.

Q5. What factors influence compensation and payroll?

Ans. A Certain amount of money paid to an employee for their services is called a salary. Calculating and then distributing salary is called payroll.

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