Top 10 Agile Tools for Project Managers

Agile Tools

Want to find an excellent agile project management tool but can’t pick the best options? The following are some resources that could be useful for your upcoming project.

Nearly half of all businesses (49%) and almost half medium-sized companies (45%) employ a hybrid model incorporating Agile, DevOps, and other approaches.

There are many things to consider when choosing the finest Agile tools for project management. You’ll have to make several judgments, such as which tool to use and your project’s ultimate objectives.

As a project manager, you should be able to tell if your team requires any supplementary equipment for their job. With the help of these tools, teams may finish projects on schedule without sacrificing quality. This page will give you a list of tools for Agile project management.

Top 10 Agile Tools for Project Managers

Explore this list to learn the best Agile tools for project managers.

  1. Jira

Developer designed Jira specifically for development teams that utilize agile methodologies. Dividing massive, complicated projects into smaller, more manageable sprints keeps teams motivated, engaged, and on track. 

As a sprint planning tool, it helps create and organize product backlogs, write user stories, and outline what one must do for a successful delivery. Project managers may build a continuous delivery pipeline using templates for agile collaboration at scale and agile project plans. Plus, as many as ten individuals can utilize it for free.

  1. Asana

When managing projects and tasks in the cloud, Asana leads the competition. Every functionality your team needs, from timelines to boards, is available in Asana. Use Asana to keep tabs on project and sprint plans, communicate with colleagues, and monitor launches and iterations for agile project management.

  1. ProofHub 

You should consider using ProofHub if you’ve been looking for the best software to manage agile projects. You can rest assured that your team members can complete all deadlines. Thanks to the Agile project management tool’s promise of improved project management, seamless communication, and cooperation, regardless of the size of your team. You may direct your company to new heights of success thanks to its central location, which gives you command over all operations. 

  1. Wrike

Wrike simplifies project work and is the next agile project management software generation. Despite its lack of user-friendliness, Wrike is an ideal platform for massively centralized work and agile project management. In addition to managing tasks, it provides an iOS and Android app, a spreadsheet view, and a board view.

Due to the limited features of the free edition and the high learning curve, Wrike is useful for larger or more complex projects. It takes a lot of time and is sometimes annoying.

  1. Geekbot

Geekbot is a user-friendly bot that can automate many Slack and Microsoft Teams operations. It includes standup meetings, 1-on-1, retros, polls, and more. You can personalize your bot to fit your preferred workflow with the many templates provided. Visualized metrics also allow you to monitor how far along you are on the road of your initiatives. 

  1. Trello

Trello is widely used by teams worldwide due to its user-friendly interface. Indeed, countless global powerhouses, like Google and Accenture, rely on Trello.

Additionally, this agile project management solution has fantastic onboarding, making getting started a breeze. In a lively, adaptable, and satisfying way, teams may improve their project organization and prioritization by using colorful boards, cards, and lists.

  1. Agile Manager

Regarding tools made with agile teams in mind, Agile Manager is among the top. Scrum planning, task administration, and group work are just a few of its capabilities. Teams may plan, monitor, and manage Agile projects with the help of Agile Manager, a cloud-based tool.


Without a doubt, is one of the most well-known agile tools. Collaboration becomes a breeze with its unified workspace.

The project manager can sync the calendar and timelines. And you can use the visual layout based on the incredibly intuitive Kanban method.

  1. Scrumblr

Regarding administering an Agile sprint board, Scrumblr is an open-source scrum tool. It allows real-time collaborative help. You may thank node.js, jQuery, CSS3, and WebSockets for their creation. It aims to mimic an actual board with an exciting user interface.

The Scrumblr collaborative whiteboard is perfect for sticking Post-it notes on. Another feature that allows you to manage an exact task board comparable is the ability to partition the whiteboard. Retrospections can also benefit from this technology. 

  1. Codegiant

Online agile technologies have become popular in the past few years with the proliferation of remote work. No matter where they are located, teams may utilize online agile technologies to manage tasks, collaborate, and communicate efficiently. Codegiant is an Agile-friendly cloud-based project management platform.

Finale Takeaway

Being a project manager, you understand the importance of sticking to deadlines. These Agile solutions can assist if you and your team want to increase productivity and agility. 

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  1. How do I select the most productive Agile tool for project management?

Ans: Considerations such as team size, project complexity, budget, and necessary functionality would help me choose the most suitable Agile project management software. 

  1. Is Jira or Rally the better option?

Ans: When contrasted with Rally Software, Jira Software offers greater versatility. Various sectors can benefit from Jira’s adaptability because of its high level of customization. Also, Jira’s UI is much easier to use and navigate, making it more user-friendly. Strong sprint management is available in Rally Software.

  1. Why does Jira cost so much?

Ans: Jira Software for Cloud also has annual licenses based on user bands. But when you pay monthly for Jira Software Cloud, you just pay for the users that you utilize. The total number of users thus determines price tiers. The cheaper the license per user gets as your user count increases.

  1. Is there still a need for Agile Project Management Certification Training?

Ans: Experienced and trained managers with the Agile Project Management Certification can handle any circumstance that comes their way. Therefore, projects will continue to exist as long as organizations do. Meanwhile, the need for managers with Agile Project Management Certification training will rise. 

  1. Are two months sufficient for the PMP exam?

Ans: You should study more and make sure you understand the material to pass the exams. You must study 100–150 hours for a PMP exam. Applicant must have sufficient work experience and official PMP training, which may take two to three months.

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