Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma? Which Certification to Choose?

Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma


In today’s time, where organizations are fighting to live competitively in the market, getting to know Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma can deliver you a successful future. There is an excessive demand for high-quality control gear in industries including healthcare, generation, manufacturing, and many more. Companies are looking for certified applicants with a good understanding of this area. 

The commonplace confusion among people is which certification to pick between Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma. Here, on this blog, we’ve compiled all the information regarding Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma to help you make the right choice.

To start with, let’s recognize the simple difference between Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma. However, both are first-class management tools; there are also a few variations

Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma 

  • Six Sigma objectives for accuracy in perfection

Six Sigma is a technology based on established and statistics-driven techniques to become aware of and put off defects and versions in tactics. The ultimate aim of the six sigma is to have the statistical perfection to improve the overall performance of the enterprise. It works at the standards of DMAIC. DMAIC means Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

  • Lean Six Sigma aims for efficiency with accuracy

At the same time, Lean Six Sigma works by combining the ideas of Six Sigma with lean production principles. Lean Six Sigma especially specializes in getting rid of waste and maximizing efficiency. By imposing Lean Six Sigma, agencies can obtain the goal of stability in precision and streamlined approaches. Which ultimately facilitates creating higher purchaser pride and cost discount. 

Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma- choice of the certification

Certification for Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma depends on the area or subject you pick out to work in and also on the unique needs of the organization you are working with. 

          Six Sigma Certification              Lean Six Sigma Certification
Ideal for those who work on defect reduction and optimization of processes. Best certification for quality control professionals. Ideal for individuals who are seeking out broader skills, including waste elimination and efficient process design. Ideal if you are planning to work in the manufacturing and service industry. 

Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma certification- Prerequisites 

  • Six Sigma

Usually, there are no strict eligibility standards for doing a Six Sigma certification. The requirements for the different stages (Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt) of the Six Sigma certificates can vary. However, the commonplace requirement to do Six Sigma certification is to have a basic understanding of the way commercial enterprise strategies work. Not mandatory, but having some work experience earlier than going for the Six Sigma course can be useful for you if you are going for black belt certification. 

  • Lean Six Sigma 

Likewise, to Six Sigma certification, there are unique ranges of certification. The Lean Six Sigma certification requirement can vary as per the certification level.  The preferred requirement for all ranges is the fundamental instructional qualification like a high school degree or equivalent diploma. Specifically, for black belt certification, few institutes ask for earlier work experience.

Choosing the Right Certification 

After getting the clarity in Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma, you have to choose the right certification path. Before deciding on the institute  it’s far vital to check some factors consisting of 

  • Affiliations and Accreditations of the Institute
  • The facility for the internship is provided by way of the institute
  • Job help
  • Other technical aid
  • Reviews by using other students or alumni

Kodakco, one of the leading names in the training industry, gives online Six Sigma certifications and Lean Six Sigma certifications. One of the fine choices in the marketplace is to grow to be a certified Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma professional. They provide all-level courses (Yellow belt, green belt and black belt) with the help of particularly skilled and devoted trainers. They do have affiliations and accreditations from ISO, MSME, UKcert, UKAF, AAPC, IASSC, CSSC and more. Kodakco gives 24*7 technical assistance, internship possibilities and a job placement guide after the course finishes. 

What is the scope in Future – Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma?

Six Sigma 

After finishing your Six Sigma certification, you could work as a 

  • Quality Manager
  • Process Improvement Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • And Project Manager

Lean Six Sigma

Doing a certification in Lean Six Sigma will let you get a great job with the profiles as 

  • Operations Manager
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Continuous Improvement Manager
  • Productivity Consultant


The preference between Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma certification solely relies upon the industry or organization you work with. You can pick the certification route in line with the needs of your enterprise and your profile. Undoubtedly, both certifications have a vivid destiny and are a nice way to go into the pleasant control discipline. Certainly, it’s crucial to choose a first-class institute to do the certification. For example, Kodacko gives one of the high-quality Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma guides.


Q1: Who can do a Six Sigma certification?

A: Anyone who is operating or desires to work in quality management can do this course. Requirements for different levels of certifications can vary.

Q2: Is having work experience earlier than pursuing Lean Six Sigma certification important?

A: Most of the time work experience is needed for better-level certifications like black belt Lean Six Sigma certification. Rest all of it depends on the institute offering the certification. 

Q3: After Six Sigma certification, what profiles I’m able to practice?

Ans- You can become eligible for the job as a Quality Manager, Process Improvement Specialist, Data Analyst, or Project Manager in numerous sectors.

Q5- How much salary will I get after completing Six Sigma certification?

And- if you have a Green Belt Six Sigma certification in conjunction with 7 to 15 years of work experience, you can get a salary in among the variety of ₹7.2 lakhs to ₹28 lakhs annually.

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