Scope of German Language in India

Before we dive into understanding the scope of the German Language in India, let’s just take a peek at the benefits of learning any foreign language. To begin with, knowing any foreign language helps transform any individual’s personal as well as professional growth. Besides, adding a vibrance to your CV, knowing a foreign language can bring you infinite opportunities that can enhance your career. Learning a foreign language also boosts your memory, improves your ability to multitask, sharpens your mind, and most importantly enhances your knowledge bank. 

Since this blog exclusively focuses on the scope of German Language in India let’s get into the details without further delay. German is the second most spoken language in Europe; therefore, the ability to speak German has many benefits. 


Scope of German Language in India:

The increase in trade relations and transactions between Germany and India has given rise to plenty of job opportunities for students. Therefore, if you wish to make your career in Germany,  the ability to speak German gives you an edge over your peers. Most importantly, compared to other foreign languages, knowing German provides better opportunities and prospects. If you are among those willing to German, this blog gives you a fresh perspective on the scope of German Language in India. 


Better job opportunities in India as well as abroad:

Did you know that Germany is the world leader in Engineering? Moreover, they are Europe’s largest Economy as well as the world’s second-biggest exporters. Aren’t these reasons enough to emphasise that knowing German can help you excel in your career?  Some of the companies in India and Europe offer high-profile jobs in the German language. These jobs could be a great way to build your career effectively. 


1. Scope of getting a job in MNCs:

German Powerhouses like  BMW, Bosch, Lufthansa, Volkswagen, and Mercedes have their corporate offices in India; therefore, speaking German gives you an advantage in getting placed in such companies. In short, if you are fluent in German your profile stands out when you apply for jobs at such companies. 


2. Higher Education in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland:

Since Germany is the land of opportunities and innovations, it has excellent educational institutes that offer bachelor’s, master’s as well as doctorate programs. However, knowing German is crucial to getting admission into their institutes. Therefore, learning German enables you to pursue higher education in Germany, which subsequently helps you in finding better job opportunities. 


3. Become Translators and Interpreters:

Fluency in the German language qualifies you to become a translator and interpreter, which is the most appealing job compared to jobs as a language professor, content writer, proofreader, and many others, translators and interpreters are the most appealing among others. A few organisations, MNCs and NGOs in India require mediators who can interpret and translate source language into objective language that is easy to understand.  Additionally, other fields like business, communication, and research need language experts; hence learning German provides you better job opportunities.


4. Jobs in travel and hospitality industry in India as well as abroad:

Many companies in Germany and other European countries grant six weeks of vacation yearly; therefore, many people travel to India. Every year several German-speaking people visit India for a holiday. However, most of them are not fluent in English and hence are comfortable speaking in German. As a result, most jobs in tourism, hotels, and hospitality industry look for employees who are fluent in foreign languages like German. 


Career Scope of German Language in India:

As mentioned earlier, learning German provides a plethora of job opportunities in India as well as abroad. Here are a few career options in India one can pursue with fluency in the German language.

  • There is a huge demand for language experts in companies like Bosch, Volkswagen, Amazon, Siemens, Bosch, and few others. In fact, the demand for language experts is expected to rise in future. 
  • Most schools and colleges in India offer foreign language courses like German; therefore there is always a need for German language professors. 
  • One of the most appealing jobs for German Language experts is translator/interpreter. It is one of the best career choices that can get you a job in Global agencies, bureaus and agencies. 
  • Tourism and Hospitality industry is one of the promising sectors for German language experts. Every year plenty of Germans visit India for a vacation; therefore knowing Germans as tour guides helps you communicate with them effectively. 
  • Learning the German language can also help you find jobs in the German Embassy and German Consulates in India.

These are a few career options that one can avail of through expertise in the German language. However, the jobs are not just restricted to these sectors alone; there are many other options as well. 


German Language Course in India: 

Since you have understood the scope of German Language in India, enrol in a German language course to reap the benefits. India has plenty of institutes that offer German language courses; however, only a few are trustworthy. One of the best institutes that offers German language courses in India is Kodakco .


Benefits of German Language Course in Kodakco:

It is one of the leading ed-tech companies in India. Their German language course comprises topics as well as lexis. Through their language course, one can enhance their grammatical skills which are crucial for becoming proficient in the German language. Most importantly, one can exhibit their writing prowess post completing the German language course. Kodacko offers a 5-in-1 course that includes training, projects, exam support, certification, and assignments. In a nutshell, enrol in Kodakco’s German language to gain expertise in speaking as well as writing skills. 



As you have understood the scope of German language in India, without further delay enrol in Kodakco’s German language course and enhance your career. 

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