How to Learn the French Language: A Step-By-Step Guide

French Language

French is one of the most spoken, sophisticated, and fascinating foreign languages to study. It is an adventure to adopt a foreign language, and one needs grit that comes with consistency. Above all, if you are a beginner, it should be very obvious to know how to Learn the French Language Course . And what steps one needs to take to learn it effectively. Perhaps you want to learn French as a travel language or to pursue your career path based on the French language, and if this is what applies, then here comes an article that will help you understand how best one can study French. Below is a procedure that will help you learn French in the best way possible.

How to learn the French language- Top 8 Steps

1. Know your reason for learning French

The first step in the guide on how to learn the French language is to have clarity on why you want to learn French. Is it for travel, work, or any personal purpose? Having clarity on these points will give me the right motivation to learn fast and always be on track during this journey.

2. Know your learning style

Before you go ahead and understand how to learn the French language, you must be aware of your learning style. For example, are you an auditory learner or a visual learner?
If you have any prior experience in learning any foreign language, then you can have clarity from how you learned the best. Having clarity on learning style can help you in picking the right platform or institute to learn the French language.

3.Start learning the Basics of the French language

Now, after clarifying your reason and learning style, the next step in learning the French language is to start learning the basic French sounds. Set a target to learn a particular number of basic sounds and words.

Learning French can be easy for those who know the English language because the French and English alphabets are the same. The only difference is in the accent of a few letters. This will help you in achieving a strong grip on the French language.

4. Learn the Pronunciation rules of French

Learning the basic rules for the pronunciation of the French language is the next step in a guide to learning the French language. You must learn how verbs work with nouns or with each other in the French language. Setting the basics right and strong will help you become proficient in the French language very fast. Hence, dedicate time to becoming a master in the sounds of the language.

5.Study the grammar and lexicon.

The next step in the guide to how to learn the French language is to learn the typical words and expressions that can be used in daily communication. As you continue on your path how to learn the French language, ensure that you do not forget the basic grammar rules and vocabulary.

6. Practice speaking the French language

Only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient; one should always practice speaking the French language. You can start with simple sentences that people use every day. Find a partner who can speak French or also learn French. This will help you to have daily conversations in French.

7. Enroll in the French language course

The most effective way of learning the French language is through enrolling in a general course on that very subject. Typically, French learning courses teach you writing, listening, and speaking in the language of French with expert native tutors. These courses will certify you in the French language, which is a job-oriented field.

8. Use French language learning apps

The next step in learning French is using language learning apps available on the market. If you are a self-learner or have taken a French language course, these language apps can help you master the language at your own pace and schedule. A few apps are Duolingo, Memrise, etc.

Kodakco’s French Language course

If you are serious about learning French from the best platform, then Kodacko is the right choice. Kodacko is one of the oldest and leading names in education and training. Your search for how to learn the French language ends here.
They have affiliations and accreditations from DELF, DILF, DALF, DCL, TCF, UKAF, and many more. Kodacko’s French language course has been ranked among the top 3 and is a 5-in-1 course.

Details of the French language course
  • Duration- 44 hours course
  • Mode of the French language classes- Two-way interactive online classes
  • Work on various projects and assignments during the course
  • Practice speaking the French language and get guidance from the expert trainer.
  • Become an expert in writing, listening, and speaking French
  • Get a certificate after course completion.
Future Scope after Learning French

For those who are learning French to get a better job or to grow in their career path, then taking a French language course can open up doors to various job opportunities in the domestic and international markets. The following options are available after learning French.

  • French Translator
  • Language Teacher
  • Tour Guide
  • Customer Service Representative
  • International Relations Specialist
  • Content Creator/Writer
  • Sales and Marketing, and many more.


Once you decide to learn the French language, your journey can be exciting and a little bit challenging. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can start learning French very smoothly. Moreover, you must always keep practicing the writing, listening, and speaking skills of the French language.
A French Language Training from Kodakco will allow you to learn from professionals, and they can take care of your doubts and fears. With Kodakco, your confidence and skills in French will bring you a bright future.


Q1- Can I learn French language if I have no prior experience in this language?
Ans- Yes, learning French is easy as compared to other foreign languages. Enrol in the French language courses, which are specifically designed for beginners.

Q2- Can I learn the French language online?
Ans- Yes, Kodakco provides online French learning courses that are highly interactive and allow you to complete them as per your schedule.

Q3- How to learn the French language fast?
Ans- Follow the necessary steps required to start the journey, starting from the basics. You must start to have a strong grip on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and you must practice daily.

Q4- Can I get a job after a French learning course?
Ans- Yes, you can work as a translator, content writer, French teacher in schools or academies, and many more roles there.

Q5- What amount can I get after a French language course in India?
Ans- For the entry-level candidate, the salary can be near ₹4 to ₹5 lakhs per annum. However, for the experienced professional, it can get up to ₹10 lakhs per annum.

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