How to Become Agile Coach: A Step-by-Step Guide

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An agile methodology is an approach in project management that ensures the timely completion of projects within the proposed budget. Essentially, an agile coach, who is a project management professional, makes sure that the entire team follows agile practices. Typically, he builds agile values and concepts inside the team; as a result, the team becomes more efficient. In a nutshell, an agile coach enhances a team’s agile skills, which improves productivity and efficiency in any organization. Hence, being an agile coach is one of the most sought-after careers with a high salary package. This blog will guide you through a detailed process on how to become an agile coach.

The need for an agile coach in an organization:

An agile approach to handling a project might look easy but might not work out at all times, it can turn out to be quite challenging to master the art of agile. To put it simply, an agile methodology that is successful in one organization might fail in another organization. Sometimes, it is disheartening for the project managers to see things fail despite following the right agile practices. Therefore, having an agile coach as a part of the team helps in managing such fixes dexterously. An agile coach thoroughly analyzes the process and identifies why the results are not as desired. 

Unique skills of an agile coach:

Most businesses today implement agile strategies; hence, the need for an agile coach is definite. However, the difference lies in the qualities an agile coach must have for that particular organization. For instance, a few companies require agile coaches to have a technical background, while other companies might need someone with the capability to train the leaders. In short, each company’s requirement of skills in an agile coach varies. In general, there are three specific qualities of an agile coach that can fill various requirements of a company.

  • Project Management Skills that helps an agile coach train the team with leadership qualities for a successful establishment of agile methodology.
  • Agile coaches with technical skills can perform coding and integration. Hence, they can collaborate with developers. 
  • Non-directive coaches are another kind who typically resolve agile-related issues in an organization.

How to become an agile coach?

Although there is no requirement to earn an agile certification, expertise in project management and appropriate agile coaching skills are crucial. 

1. Improve your agile coach skills:

Besides having soft skills like effective communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills, an agile coach must have a strong knowledge of agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban. Also, competence in project management tools like RCAI charts, GANNT charts, Kanban Boards, and bug trackers is necessary. Additionally, knowing agile software development, XP, and Lean is beneficial.  To equip yourself with these skills you can read books on agile, browse through online sources, or listen to podcasts. 

2. Expertise in Agile Project Management:

In order to be an agile coach for a company, a good amount of expertise in handling projects through agile methodology is a prerequisite for most companies. To gain expertise you can follow the below approaches:

Project Management Course:

To begin with, a strong foundation on the principles of agile project management is a primary requirement, and to do so you can take up Kodakco’s agile project management course.  Their project management faculty are experts working in various international firms across the globe. By taking Kodakco project management course you will not only develop soft skills such as leadership and time management skills but also will enhance your analytical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. Also, the training helps you master job-relevant skills such as Agile, Kanban, and Scrumban. As a result, you will be eligible for Agile and Scrum jobs across the globe.

Work experience as a Scrum master:

Most companies that follow agile methodology use scrum; hence, knowing about scrum methodology would be a requirement for the agile coach job. As a result, work experience as a scrum master can lead your way to becoming an agile coach.

Be a part of an Agile team:

To become an agile coach, you must work within a team that practices agile methodologies like XP, Lean, and, Kanban. This experience on your resume would be eye-catching for the recruiter. 

Earn Agile Certification:

Though agile certification is not mandatory, having it would give you an edge over your peers while finding a job. An Agile Certification Course helps you master agile skills. Also, a few companies require certifications like SAFe Practioner, SAFe Consultant Trainer, SAFe Practioner Consultant, and similar certifications. Therefore, having these certifications would be an added advantage. 


An agile coach primarily ensures the team follows agile practices so that the projects are completed within the proposed time. Hence, the demand for agile coaches is high. However, you must know the right approach to be one. Follow the step-by-step guide described in this blog to become an agile coach. 


1. Typically, what is the primary duty of an agile coach?

  Ans. The primary duty of an agile coach is to create and improve agile procedures within the team.

2. How to become an agile coach?

Ans. Firstly gain proficiency in agile skills while working as a scrum master or agile team facilitator. Also, closely observe the agile coach in your company to gain all the necessary skills. Additionally, you can agile coach certification to gain knowledge on agile coaching.

3. How important are agile practices in a company?

Ans.  Through agile practices, a massive project is split into chunks and distributed evenly across the team; hence the project finishes on time and within the estimated cost. 

4. Will an agile project management course help to become an agile coach?

Ans. Yes, a project management course enables you to become an agile project manager. With work experience as an Agile project manager, you can subsequently become eligible for the post of an Agile coach.

5. Scrum master and agile coach, what is the difference?

Ans. A scrum master oversees a designated team to ensure they follow agile practices, an agile coach, on the contrary, implements agile transformation in the entire company.

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