How to Learn Spanish Language: A Beginners Guide

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Do you have any ideas for learning a new language? Did you write the Spanish language as the next language to know in your checklist? But the question arises in the mind: how to learn the Spanish Language Course ? So check out the blog for some of the best beginner language learning tips.

8 Tips to Learn the Spanish Language

There are many options available to learn the language. But you can learn easily and in less time if you follow the tips below:

1. Learn the alphabet in Spanish first

The best place to start when learning Spanish is with the letters. You need to master the three basic writing systems of the Spanish Language. You need to make your base strong by learning every alphabet so that you can read the language.

2. Continue honing your grammar skills

How is grammar in Spanish learned? If you want to understand English, you have to forget everything you know about English grammar because this is very different from it. 

3. Acquire Simple Words

Consult the list of commonly used phrases and idioms first. Saying a few basic phrases and words like “Hello,” “How are you doing?” and “Nice to meet you” will enable you to have a conversation with a native speaker. This can help you to speak the basic Spanish language.

3. Establish a pattern

How much time is needed to learn Spanish? Undoubtedly, this is one of the most frequently asked topics about this language. It will depend on how hard you work to get better at Spanish. You can set your daily targets to learn the language.

4. Select Apps for Learning Spanish

Apps for learning languages will be useful when you begin studying Spanish. Rosetta Stone, Memories, and Duolingo are great resources for starting students to acquire basic Spanish vocabulary and phrases. You can study whenever and wherever you want using these apps.

5. Learn from Spanish animation

A unique viewpoint on Spanish customs, culture, and social norms may be found in anime. Viewers can better understand Spanish mythology, culture, and historical events through its stories, settings, and character interactions. This can help you learn the language and understand it more properly.

6. Get into the Writing Habit

If you wish to learn Spanish, you should make writing a habit. Additionally, take a look at the applications that offer daily language-learning tasks. Writing exercises can make learning new languages more enjoyable and simple.

7. Pay attention to pronunciation

When you hear spoken Spanish for the first time, everything flows together into one long, fast statement. On the other hand, you can enhance your pronunciation and listening comprehension by learning the Spanish alphabet and sounds. This is because you’ll soon be able to comprehend native speakers and identify distinct sounds and words.

Recommended Institute

You need proper guidance to learn the language fast. Enroll yourself on Kodakco Spanish language and certification to showcase your achievements on your resume and expand your skill set. There are over a hundred certificates in Spanish language skills, depending on what you want to learn. Every topic is also provided in Spanish for every module.

Many Spanish training modules are available for purchase and provided at no cost. Since language certifications can be costly, starting with the one that would enable you to secure the job you want is advisable. You can quickly get all of the course’s advantages.


Did you check all the tips given above? Spanish language sessions are exciting if mastering the language is your goal. Fear frequently appears early when learning a language. Nonetheless, the institute provides the best course modules and state-of-the-art methods for learning languages. Are you looking to learn Spanish in a more fun way? After completing every step outlined in the blog post above, start learning. You can go over the tips if you need more clarification. There are always trainers ready to help you learn a language. Therefore, study the information provided by each institute and pick up some Spanish language skills to acquire the language.


1. What is the Spanish language’s beginning level?

Ans: Students with no prior language proficiency are targeted for the Spanish Language Level A1. This level aims to allow you to simply interact with others by asking and answering questions about your life, home, people you know, and belongings.

2. Is a year sufficient for learning Spanish?

Ans: First, it takes around a year to acquire the C1 level of Spanish language proficiency if you practice three times a week. Second, learning can be accelerated in six months with three hours a day. Thirdly, if you dedicate an hour a day to learning Spanish, it will take 1.5 years.

3. Is it free for beginners to study Spanish?

Ans: For novices, Loecsen’s online free Spanish course is a great option. They cover roughly twenty themes, so starting and listening to Spanish is ideal. They impart simple-to-memorize phrases. This is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking Spanish classes with audio to practice listening.

4. How can I educate myself to speak a new language?

Ans: Take part in language-exposure activities: read books written in the target language, watch movies, or listen to music. Talking with native speakers’ language partners or participating in language exchange programs are other ways to practice speaking. 

5. Is English spoken in Spain?

Ans: The answer is that English is spoken in Spain. Nevertheless, there are only certain places where you can hear English spoken on the streets; fewer people speak it, and there is a lower English ability overall.

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