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The importance of medical coding as a profession is reflected in the fact that India has become the second-largest destination for medical outsourcing operations for most hospitals and healthcare organizations. Furthermore, many Indian healthcare facilities are emulating foreign coding guidelines, increasing the demand for trained medical coders.

Here is a list of some medical coding course institutes that offer reputable medical coding courses that will help you become an effective medical coder.

What is medical coding?

Medical Coding is the process of organizing and standardizing a patient’s recorded medical records for an easy insurance disbursement process. The work of a medical coder is to convert medical reports into predefined medical codes and ensure correct, accurate, and consistent data is entered throughout. Consistency and validity are crucial elements of clinical research and these predefined medical codes ensure these in clinical trials.

Medical Coding requires you to learn three types of codes: 

  • CPT – Current Procedural Terminology
  • ICD – International Classification of Diseases
  • HCPCS – Healthcare Procedural Coding System

Within these three code sets is the complete history of a patient, that is, the medical procedures performed on the patient after considering the patient’s health condition before and after the medical treatment.

There are many medical coding course institutes in India and here we have compiled a list of the best ones offering competent and comprehensive medical coding courses.

Best Medical Coding Course Institutes in India

  • Kodakco – Medical Coding Course

Kodakco offers the best medical coding course certification in India. The institute offers 90 hours of interactive live online sessions providing intensive learning on HCPCS, ICD-10, and CPT medical codes. With 26 modules covering the entire spectrum of medical coding, you can’t go wrong in choosing this medical coding course institution. Upon completing the course, candidates receive a certification proving their skills and dedication to the medical coding field.

The trainers at this institute are industry veterans and have deep expertise and insight into how the industry works. Besides imparting knowledge, trainers introduce candidates to actual work through practical projects and case studies. Kodakco medical coding course costs $1,699.

  • Resolve Medicode 

With multiple offices in strategic locations across the country, Resolve Medicode offers basic and advanced medical coding certifications. Unlike other educational institutions, this medical coding course educational institution offers ICD-10-PCS training that gives candidates a head start in the job market. With knowledge of PCS, this training will open the door to better career advancement opportunities and allow you to enter professional life immediately. The training consists of 60 hours of instruction (2 hours each session) on weekdays and Saturdays. 

  • Academy of Medical Coders of India – Certification and Postgraduate/Executive Diploma in Medical Coding 

The Academy of Medical Coders of India (AMCI), a constituent academy of the Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India (IGMPI) (IGMPI),  is dedicated to providing training, updates via newsletters with national and international news, and analysis on all aspects of medical coding. This medical coding course institute offers certifications and graduate/executive diplomas in medical coding. With a case study-based approach, both mediums are detail-oriented, two-way interactive courses, making them the most powerful tools for entering the world of medical coding.

  • South Indian Medical Coding Academy (SIMCA) – Basic Medical Coding Course 

This institute offers a 30-day accelerated learning course that includes diagnostic coding along with anatomy, medical terminology, and physiology plus the Certified Procedural Coding Course (CPC) and an internship opportunity to work with the ICD-10 code set.

  • Xpert Healthcare Group

Formally into the medical coding and billing services in the healthcare industry, Xpert Healthcare Group (AAPC approved) has also ventured into training, offering a proficient medical coding course in India that makes a candidate employable within 6 months. Xpert Healthcare’s medical coding courses feature experienced AAPC-certified trainers and skilled training to provide the best value for money with high exam pass rates and optimal employment and income opportunities.

  • Cigma Medical Coding Academy 

An AAPC-accredited academy, the institute’s medical coding courses offer a step-by-step learning process and focus on exposing students to more contemporary topics. The eight-module medical coding course program covers inpatient and outpatient coding, including basic courses on medical record content, medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology, as well as disease progression, treatment, medicine, and implants.

  • Medsun Healthcare Solutions  

Medesun Healthcare Solutions offers Medical Coding Training both online and in classrooms and is one of the best medical coding course institutes in India. Flexible and adaptable learning modules provide candidates with an interactive and immersive environment, with all the learning materials online. The course lasts for 2 months and is a self-mode of learning. In the end, it is your call whether to take the CPC, CCS, or CCS-P examination.


In summary, MBBS is not the only qualification needed to enter the medical field today, trendy new career options such as medical coding can certainly provide an entryway into the medical field while also distancing you from being a doctor or surgeon.

Like everything around us, the healthcare industry is evolving, and so are career opportunities in the industry. For medical coding aspirants, the above-mentioned medical coding course institutes provide ample opportunities and the kickstart needed for their careers.


Q.1. Are online courses for medical coding effective enough?

Ans: Certainly. Online medical coding courses are designed after much consideration to give the exact level of knowledge and skill sets as in a classroom setting with live projects and periodic assessments and assignments to give you practical exposure to the subject.

Q2. Does India follow a medical coding system and is there any scope for someone interested in Medical coding?

Ans: With the rapid development of the Indian healthcare system, India does follow the medical coding system and there is a huge demand for skilled professionals in all healthcare areas, including medical coding and clinical research.

Q.3. Which code set does India follow for medical coding?

Ans: India adopted the ICD-10 and CPT codes for the medical coding system in the country.

 Q.4. Is medical coding stressful because of the codes medical coders have to memorize?

Ans: It is almost impossible to memorize all the codes used, but medical coders can benefit from some knowledge outside of codes. The job of a medical coder can be challenging at best and with the right training and exposure, you’ll be ready to start as a medical coder.

Q.5. Do the Medical coding course institutes offer freelancing or work-from-home opportunities upon course completion?

Ans: Yes. Medical coding course institutes even offer work-from-home and/or freelancing opportunities once you complete the training. Nowadays, instead of hiring in-house medical coders healthcare institutions prefer hiring medical coders who offer freelance services or prefer working remotely. So, such opportunities are plenty.

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